DU: Admission Started for Third Cut off List, Speed of Admission Is Not Stopping Due to High Cut Off

The seats for B.Com and Economics Honors will be vacant after the results of BMS and BBE. Colleges are taking precautions to avoid over-admissions from seats.


Despite the high third cut-off in Delhi University, the pace of admission is not stopping. With the commencement of the third cut-off admissions on Monday, there were a lot of admissions in colleges, while admissions were also canceled in many colleges. To avoid over-admission of seats, colleges have reduced the cut-off from 0.25 percent to two percent, taking precautions. Despite this, on average, more than 100 admissions took place in the colleges.  Only a few opportunities will be available for admission in the fourth cut-off. College principals are assuming that after the results of the entrance examination conducted for Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) and Bachelor of Business Economics courses, seats for courses like B.Com and Economics will be vacant in some colleges. 

As soon as the admission for the third cut-off started in Aryabhatta College, 145 applications were made for various courses. Out of this, the college accepted 102 admissions. However, admission to the third cut-off college has not been canceled yet. College’s admission coordinator Rajesh Kumar Dwivedi said that on Monday the maximum number of admissions was 31 in Mathematics Honors, 22 in Computer Science, 20 in Hindi Honors, and five to 12 in other courses. 

He said that the third cut-off has seen a trend of cancellation of admissions to the first Economics Honors. But this time no one wants to take the risk. He says that the seats in Economics and B.Com are likely to become vacant after the results of BMS, BBE is out. Dr. Vipin Agrawal, Principal of Sri Aurobindo College says that 400 applications were made for his admission here. We approved 100 admissions. While 90 admissions were canceled. He said that we have more admissions than seats in the B.Com pass. Despite this, we have taken out the third list of this course by making some shortfalls. Because the admissions which have been canceled now are the highest in B.Com. At the same time, even when the results of BMS and BBE will come, the admission will be canceled. In such a situation, keeping this in mind, the college took out the third cut-off of this course. 

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