Dynamic Island feature in iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, would you like to try it too, know how?

Would you like to try this feature? new to you iPhone No need to buy. But you can also try it on any Android phone. one on google play store app With the help of which you can try Dynamic Island on the Android platform.

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max
Would you like to try it too, know how?

This app is called Dynamic Spot and it is called Jawomo has developed. This app With the help of you on Android smartphone iPhone 14 Pro Just like you can experience the Dynamic Island feature. app In this, you get many more features, with the help of which you can do multitasking and manage notifications.

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For this, you have to first download the Dynamic Spot app. This app Jawomo has been developed by. app After downloading it asks for many permissions from you. You will be able to use it only after granting all those permissions. You can select all the apps you want notifications for in dynamic island style.

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Even if you app If you want to try it, you should also pay attention to the permissions taken for it. The app asks you for complete control of the device. However, it does not require data or internet to work.

Although any third party app To give full control is a big risk. While the phone works well on a device with a center punch hole cutout, there is a problem with alignment with the side punch hole.

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