Elon Musk News: Elon Musk, who refuses to make electric cars in India, is more interested in Russia-Ukraine war and China-Taiwan tensions

New Delhi: We are given an advice here – take care of your business. This means that do not hang unnecessarily in those matters from which you do not have a far-fetched concern. But some people are compelled by habit. One such person is Elon Musk. Richest person in the world. Owner of Tesla, SpaceX and Starlink. Cryptocurrency and space lover. His car is neither visible nor Starlink’s signal is available in India. Yes, the presence of Elon Musk is definitely visible from the shape of a train compartment in the sky. Recently such a pattern was seen in many districts of Uttar Pradesh. Was very curious what it is. It turns out that Musk has a satellite which is circling the space. Why we don’t have internet connection for Tesla car or Starlink? The reason for this is also Elon Musk’s habit. Our businessmen like Naveen Jindal, Mangal Lodha, Rahul Bajaj used to do politics with business or are doing it by hitting. But Elon Musk is different. Do politics without going into politics. After being the richest man in the world, it does not take long to enter his opinion in the issues around the world. He did the same in India too. The Modi government launched the Production Linked Incentive Scheme on February 24, 2021. Under this, the government is providing assistance of about $ 3.5 billion for the automobile sector. The condition is that cars, buses, trucks should be made in India itself. We will give you a financial incentive of up to 18%.

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But Musk was adamant. Nitin Gadkari also explained but did not agree. His insistence was that the car made by Kitesla should be allowed to be imported into India. We said it can’t happen. Our focus is on employment. If a production unit is set up in India, then twenty more types of businesses will flourish. People will get employment. That area will also develop. And what is this desire? What’s wrong with Elon Musk when Apple and Samsung are coming to India from China? Make in India and get profit instead they started pressurizing that India should reduce the import duty of electric car. Vehicles costing more than $40,000 attract 60 percent import duty. Meaning a car worth one crore will be worth one crore 60 lakhs by the time it comes to India. Musk wants that car to be made in America and sold by sea and sold in India. That too without paying much tax. Why do we do this? Will America reduce tax on steel going from India? The country runs with this tax money. Then what is the problem in getting discount by setting up a factory here.

Vehicles costing more than $40,000 attract 60 percent import duty. Meaning a car worth one crore will be worth one crore 60 lakhs by the time it comes to India. Musk wants that car to be made in America and sold by sea and sold in India. That too without paying much tax. Why do we do this?

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Elon Musk reprimanded
Well, Elon Musk, who has babbled around the world over India’s tax structure, has tried to sneak into the China-Taiwan affair after burning his hand in the Russia-Ukraine war. In an interview to the Financial Times, Elon Musk said that should Taiwan become part of China, it may have special administrative status. Even Joe Biden would not have imagined such a dangerous statement. On August 2, Speaker of the US Parliament Nancy Pelosi went to Taiwan, which left China furious. Musk started supporting the same China. Taiwan’s PM Su Seng Chang has reprimanded Musk. In the Parliament meeting, she says – Musk is a businessman. It has a large car factory in Shanghai and is promoting its electric vehicles. Will say something else today, something else tomorrow. What will he understand of the tension with China?

Secret talk with Putin
Earlier, he gave unsolicited advice to Russia-Ukraine. Said that Ukraine should forget the four areas occupied by Russia. Ukraine strongly objected to this. Now there are also reports that Musk has secretly spoken to Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the same conversation, Putin said that he could also use atomic bombs for full control over Donetsk, Zaporizhia, Luhansk and Kherson, which were taken from Ukraine. However, Musk denies such talks. 50-year-old Elon Musk, who came from South Africa to America, also loves controversies. In 2017, when Musk named three variants of his upcoming car S, E, X, there was a flood of sex jokes. And Musk himself tweeted it and deleted it too. The video of Musk taking a gash at the joint created a worldwide ruckus. Musk got so much controversy on Twitter, those taking Kitesla’s stock appealed to him to shut up. When Musk took a jibe at the rescuers of the children trapped in the cave of Thailand, they got angry. This is also in 2018. When the video was presented by making a tunnel for the car to go to Las Vegas, people called it a lewd joke. Turns out it’s fake and Musk’s Boring Company is already working on building the Vegas Loop.

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Elon Musk’s personal life has also been going up and down like a SpaceX rocket. Justin Wilson was his wife from 2002 to 2008. In 2010, Musk married Talula Riley. Divorced after two years. Then began a romance with Amber Heard. In 2018, he started being seen with Grimes but also said that he is currently waiting for his next love. Including all the wives, Musk has six children. I don’t know who you are falling in love with now.

The decision to buy the Twitter account from which Elon Musk is in discussion was shocking. On 14 April 2022, Elon Musk decided to buy Twitter for $ 44 billion. But didn’t buy. Hang on The condition of removing the fake Twitter handle was sometimes taunted by the employees there. Musk made this deal a prankster. By tweeting in July, Elon Musk said that he was breaking the deal. After this Twitter moved the court. The latest report is that the US Federal Agency is now investigating Elon Musk. Elon Musk, the owner of a property of about $ 22 thousand million, has made business a joke in a way. His tweet yesterday i.e. 13 October also testifies to this. Musk has launched perfume whose price is Rs 8000. While tweeting this, he writes that please buy it so that I can buy Twitter.

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