Emergency is there…the police arrived immediately, then the truth caught its head! – Police Received Emergency Call From Monkey Cops Reaches Zoo tstf

An emergency call comes to the police. After which the police team immediately responds and reaches the spot. But as soon as she reached the spot, she was surprised to know the truth which she came to know. Because there was no human to make the emergency call, rather this call was made by a monkey from the zoo.

When the police reached the zoo to investigate, they came to know that a monkey had made an emergency call to the police team. The police themselves have told about this incident from their official Facebook page.

The emergency call came from a zoo

Actually, this case is of San Luis Obispo County of the US state of California. Where the police team got a call on emergency number 911. The call got disconnected as soon as it was ringing. Tried to call and text back the policeman but got no response. Because this call came from a zoo, such a police team reached the spot and started investigating.

When he interrogated the zoo staff, it was found that no one had called the police from there. The staff also told that there was no emergency situation in the zoo. However, after some time he came to know that this call was made by a monkey of the zoo. This monkey belongs to the Capuchin species, which are very curious by nature.

The employees told that the monkey was roaming freely in the zoo at the time the call was made to the police. In such a situation, it may be that he has dialed 911 number. The monkey often used to see people dialing the phone number, on the same lines, he also made a call.

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