Experts warn that a nuclear war with Putin could wipe out five billion people and block the Sun for many years

Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin’s threats of nuclear war amid the Ukraine crisis have put the world in tension. NATO countries facing the most danger have even started nuclear maneuvers. Meanwhile, experts have warned that NATO’s nuclear war with Russia could wipe out five billion people. The situation will become such that for many years the sunlight will not reach the earth. Russia has the largest number of ready-to-use nuclear weapons in the world. They can be fired anywhere in the world through ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and torpedoes. In such a situation, the whole world is looking at Russia’s threat very seriously. US President Joe Biden himself has said that he does not find Putin’s threat blank. The US is currently facing a serious threat from the Cuban crisis.

Nuclear attack would kill 5 billion people
Speaking to The Sun Online, disaster expert Paul Ingram said that during the Cold War, it was often said that we had enough nuclear missiles to blow up the world multiple times. It is not so now. There are over 12000 nuclear weapons around the world. Russia alone has about 6000 nuclear weapons among them. If attacked by these, the explosion and radiation would result in 2 to 3 billion casualties worldwide. Ingram of the Center for the Study of Existential Risk at the University of Cambridge also warned of an apocalypse from any nuclear conflict. In addition to the immediate deaths, the mutual use of nuclear weapons would emit so much radioactive waste that the sun would not be clearly visible for many years, he said. Due to this, five billion people will die worldwide.

What will be the effect of nuclear attack on Ukraine
Experts told that at this time there is a danger of nuclear attack on Ukraine. This country is called the bread bucket of Europe because of its wheat production. If there is a nuclear attack on this country then there may be a shortage of food in the whole world. This will affect crops not only in Ukraine but all over the world. People will be short of food. World temperature will drop to 16 degree Celsius. Countries like Ukraine will be completely frozen in ice. If an atomic bomb falls in London, Britain, the explosion and radiation can kill millions of people. No one will be safe. If the same bomb falls in more populated countries like India or China, then the rate of destruction will be very high. The effect of weather can also be seen during the eruption. If attacked with tactical nuclear weapons, the destruction would be less and in limited areas, but if attacked with ballistic missiles then its effect would be wider.

There are 12,700 nuclear weapons around the world
As of January this year, there are about 12,700 nuclear warheads around the world. Of them, the largest number, about 6,000, are in Russia, while about 5,400 are in the US. Britain has 225 nuclear warheads, most of which are housed in Trident submarines. China, France, Pakistan, India, Israel and North Korea also have nuclear bombs. Israel and North Korea have not disclosed the number of atomic bombs they have. India and Pakistan also have almost equal number of nuclear weapons. But, China is moving fast in this matter. The US intelligence agency estimates that by 2027, China may have a total of 700 nuclear weapons. In such a situation, China will come third in terms of nuclear weapons after Russia and America.

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