External Affairs Minister Jaishankar bluntly told US

External Affairs Minister of India S. During his visit to Thailand, Jaishankar once again clarified his stand on the issue of buying crude oil from Russia, from the current relations between India and China. He also defended India’s bilateral relations with neighboring Myanmar at a university program in Thailand.

The External Affairs Minister said that India’s stand on Myanmar has remained the same for many decades. Our relations are not such which can be judged by today’s politics. India is a close neighbor of Myanmar and its understanding and interests are very different from those of distant countries.

take a dig at America

Jaishankar clarified his point and said that I believe in people who are near than people sitting far away because people from far away can outrun anytime. We have seen this in Afghanistan. When you are close neighbours, your understanding and interests become very different as compared to people sitting far away.

EAM Jaishankar: I trust people closer to the problem than people far way, bcz people far way have a tendency to walk way when they feel like, we saw that in Afghanistan pic.twitter.com/XrE8vPYFMq

Jaishankar said that due to the close border between India and Myanmar, the relations between the two countries have strengthened.

He said, we do have limits. Crimes on the border also affect us. We have refugee issues here, which only happen if your land border is adjacent to a neighbour. When you are not a neighbour, these kinds of problems don’t happen.

Jaishankar said that our stand on the military government of Myanmar is clear but as a neighbor our relations with Myanmar have to be seen.

Asian century possible only when India, China unite

External Affairs Minister Jaishankar also clarified his stand on the possibility of the Asian century. He said that only when India and China come together, the dream of the century of Asia will be realized. But if India and China do not come together then this will not be possible.

However, he said, after what China did on the border, the relations between the two countries are going through a very difficult phase.

Let us inform that on 15 June 2020, Chinese soldiers had entered the Indian border in Galvan Valley, after which there was a violent clash between the soldiers of India and China.

India is not the only country to buy Russian oil

External Affairs Minister Jaishankar once again said on India’s move to import oil from Russia, there are many criteria for this decision. We are not the only country which is importing oil from Russia. There is no restriction on oil. India is a low-income society and every dollar rise in the price of oil is paid by Indians from their savings.

During this, the External Affairs Minister also clarified the stand on the Rohingya issue and said that India has discussed this matter with Bangladesh.

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