Fans think Xbox boss reveals Game Pass streaming device

A promotional image shows a bunch of Master Chief and Game Pass games.

screenshot, Microsoft

Xbox fans have been waiting for a glimpse of a new, standalone game pass The streaming device has been called a “keystone” since it was first teased at E3 2021. Now Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer may have given it his own. latest selfie, It looks like a micro-Xbox Series S.

Microsoft is slowly bringing Xbox Game Pass here more and more devices via cloud streaming. This was the phone before. Until recently it was some brands of smart TVs like Samsung. Earlier this year, the company confirmed that it is working on a small add-on that people can buy to stream games on any display. It’s called Keystone, and so far Microsoft hasn’t revealed what it looks like, possibly until today.

“Vault Boy left the shelter and stopped by my office to celebrate #Fallout25 anniversary,” Spencer tweeted With a picture of a bunch of Xbox swag on a shelf. “Congratulations to the @Fallout @Bethesda teams on this major milestone for an iconic franchise.” However, the Microsoft executive has made a habit of teasing the upcoming show in the background of his photos, and it didn’t take long for fans to notice a strange-looking white device near the top:

It looks exactly like the Xbox Series S, only much smaller. An icon on the left may be the Xbox symbol while the one on the right looks like a USB port. It feels similar in proportion to the Google Chromecast or Valve’s now defunct Steam Link, though it’s hard to tell based on photos alone. It certainly looks a shadow smaller than the Xbox controller to its left. In particular, the Series S was First Appeared on Spencer’s Shelf Too. Reaction to Spencer’s tweet by official xbox account Looks like it might be an old prototype.

While there was previous speculation that Xbox’s Game Pass streaming device would be a small stick-sized dongle, the company told Windows Central in May That it led to a new “approach” to Keystone. “We have decided to move away from the current iteration of the Keystone device,” a company spokesperson said at the time. “We will take our learnings and refocus our efforts on a new approach that will allow us to deliver Xbox cloud gaming to more players around the world in the future.”

It’s still unclear what the company meant by this, and it’s always possible that Spencer’s photo today was either 1.) not meant to tease anything or 2.) was teasing something completely different from Keystone. . Microsoft is also reportedly working on a standalone optical drive attachment for the all-digital versions of its Xbox Series X/S. Both seem impossible.

“It’s probably a mistake on my part,” said Spencer a strangely strange game appearance The description of When in July Easter eggs fans search on her shelf, He claimed he had no idea behind what appears on him during his video calls and other photographs, and was simply a collection of gifts and signatories from the gaming industry. The hosts were less than convinced.

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