French President Emmanuel Macron said that France would not carry out a nuclear attack if Russia used nuclear weapons against Ukraine.

Paris: French President Emmanuel Macron has advised the world to avoid the Third World War. He said that if Russia uses nuclear weapons against Ukraine, then France will not respond with a nuclear attack. Macron said in a conversation with France 2 that our principle rests on the fundamental interests of the nation. They are clearly defined and will not be directly affected. For example, if there is a ballistic nuclear attack in Ukraine. This was the first time that Macron discussed France’s nuclear deterrence doctrine in detail in relation to Ukraine. During this conversation he said that it is not good to talk too much about it. Macron said this after fears of Russia carrying out a nuclear attack on Ukraine. Most Western countries, including the US, have criticized Russia for the prospect of a nuclear war.

Putin to negotiate for peace in Ukraine: Macron
Macron said Putin should return to the negotiating table to discuss peace in Ukraine. “Today, first of all, Vladimir Putin must stop this war, respect the territorial integrity of Ukraine and return to the table for negotiations,” he said. Asked whether he would support an invasion of Ukraine to retake Crimea, which was not internationally recognized by Russia in 2014, Mr. In response, Macron said that as the conflict escalates, at some point Russia and Ukraine will have to come back to the negotiating table. Macron said the question was whether the objectives of the war would be achieved only by military means, although “it is up to the Ukrainians to decide.”

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We’re going to give Ukraine radar, missiles and artillery guns: Macron
When Macron was told that Ukraine no longer wanted to hold talks with Putin. In response, Macron said, “Let me tell you, at some point… it will be necessary.” That’s why I have always denied such claims. Macron said that France is going to give its air defense systems to Ukraine. This will strengthen Ukraine’s air security. We are going to give them radar, systems and missiles to protect them from these attacks.” He added that France is also in talks to send another six Caesar mobile artillery units.

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France cannot give arms to Ukraine according to their mind
He said this week the Russia-Ukraine war has entered an unprecedented phase as civilians have been killed across Ukraine for the first time. Electricity and heating facilities have been destroyed. Macron said the aim of the Russians in the past few days has been to break Ukraine’s resistance. He acknowledged that France was unable to provide Ukraine with the weapons they were demanding. us for ourselves and our eastern side [नाटो के] Some are obliged to keep weapons to protect. He said that we had made Caesar guns for Denmark, but talks are going on to give them to Ukraine.

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