From Ajay Devgan to Tabu, know how much the star cast collected for Drishyam 2

Drishyam 2 Star Cast Fees: The teaser of ‘Drishyam’ sequel ‘Drishyam 2’ has been released, fans are constantly waiting for its second part. ‘Drishyam 2’ is directed by Abhishek Pathak. The film also stars Rajat Kapoor, Tabu and Akshaye Khanna. It is the sequel to the 2015 film ‘Drishyam’. Recently its recall teaser was also released, which got excellent response. Fans are now eagerly waiting to know whether Vijay Salgaonkar will tell the truth to save his family or will another twist come? It will be known by seeing what the story will be. Before this, let us know how much the star cast of the film is charging.Also Read – Drishyam 2: Recall teaser of ‘Drishyam 2’ released, will Vijay Salgaonkar confess this time!

1. Ajay Devgan Also Read – Drishyam 2 First Look: ‘What is seen has not happened, no one knows what has happened’ Ajay Devgan will use ‘Chanakya Niti’

Ajay Devgan is in the role of Vijay Salgaonkar in this. He has charged Rs 30 crore for the film. Let us tell you that Ajay Devgan had made everyone his fan with his acting in this part, so now people are waiting to see his acting in the second part. Also Read – Drishyam 3: Mohanlal’s ‘Drishyam’ will have a third part? The director gave this hint to the fans

2. Tabu

Tabu was highly appreciated in the role of IG Meera Deshmukh. Tabu is charging Rs 3.5 crore for this. In this film, Tabu played a strong role in the role of female police.

3. Shriya Saran

Shriya played the role of Nandani Salgaonkar, wife of Vijay Salgaonkar. For this he has charged Rs 2 crore. Let us tell you that Shriya Saran will return to the screen after two years of Drishyam. In the first part of Drishyam, Shriya Saran impressed the fans with her simple look.

4. Akshaye Khanna

One of the powerful actors of Bollywood, Akshaye Khanna Ashray Khanna is going to be seen in this part. Let us tell you that recently a post of Ashray Khanna has also been released from this film. Akshaye Khanna is charging 2.5 crores for this film.

5. Ishita Dutta

Ishita Dutta is in the role of Anju Salgaonkar, the elder daughter of Vijay and Nandani, around whom the entire film revolves. He has taken 1.2 crores for the film.

6. Mrinal Jadhav

Mrinal Jadhav played the role of Anu Salgaonkar, the younger daughter of Vijay and Nandani. 50 lakhs has been charged for the film. Mrinal surprised everyone with his acting.

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