Gates of Hell: People feeding the ‘hungry ghosts’, the gates of hell open at this place for 15 days! – Pchum Ben festival opens gates of Hell for 15 days so people can feed starving ghosts tlifm

You must have heard many stories of ghosts. Some people believe in them and many people don’t. But there is a country where ghosts are fed food for 15 days. There it is believed that if people do not do this then evil spirits and ghosts trouble their family members. Now we cannot tell how much truth is behind this story, but what is the belief of people behind doing this? You will know about this in the article.

where is this recognition

People feeding ghosts. (Image credit: AFP/Gettyimages)

According to Themirror, this belief belongs to Cambodia (Asian Country). There is a festival in autumn here which is called Pchum Ben festival. The festival takes place every year for 15 days during the 10th month of the Khmer lunar calendar between September and October.

It is believed that during this festival, the gates of hell are opened for 15 days and hungry evil spirits and ghosts come out. After this, they are pacified by feeding them.

According to The Mirror, there are four types of spirits or ghosts in this festival. Those ghosts who are temporarily free eat only blood and pus. If the ghosts are fed food, they give blessings and then return to hell.

Food feeds hungry souls and ghosts!

It is believed that at this time hungry souls come out and they have to be fed. This festival is also known as Khmer festival. During this, ghosts roam around temples, cemeteries and the homes of their relatives in search of good food. If they don’t get good food, they harass them.

Families do preparations since morning

Various types of dishes are fed to the ghosts. (Image credit: AFP/Gettyimages)

According to ancient custom, this belief is considered very high in the Southeast Asian country of Cambodia. In this, the family feeds its last seven ancestors. On the day before the start of this festival, the family gets up early in the morning and prepares the food before the sun rises. It is said that ghosts do not like light. If even a little sunlight is visible, then the food is not accepted.

Sins get punished.

According to Om Sam Ol, a monk in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh, “It is believed that some dead people are punished for their sins and go to hell. They suffer a lot there and There is also a lot of torture. Common people cannot even think of hell. The spirits of hell cannot see the sun. They have no clothes to wear and no food to eat. Phachum ben is the time when Those souls take food from their living relatives and they get some relief as relatives offer food and prasad to them.”

Om Sam Ol further explains, “There is no way to know whether one’s dead relative is in heaven or hell. Therefore Cambodians take food for their ancestors to ease the suffering they are going through.” This festival is being celebrated since the Angkorian period which dates back to the 9th century AD.”

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