Germany Envoy Summoned For Calling Turkish President Erdogan A Little Sewer Rat

AnkaraTensions flared up between Turkey and Germany following a statement by a German politician. Angry Turkey has now summoned the German ambassador by sending a summons to the Foreign Ministry and has expressed its opposition. A senior German politician has equated Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to a “little sewer rat”. This comment has come from the leader of Germany, Wolfgang Kubik. Kubik is the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Germany. The displeasure can be clearly understood in the statement of the Turkish Foreign Ministry after this statement from his side.

Foreign Ministry said – insulting
Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Tanju Bilgi said, “We oppose the derogatory remarks made by the Deputy Speaker of the German Parliament, Wolfgang Kubi, during an election campaign speech.” He further said that Kubik has completely forgotten political civilization and responsibilities.

He also said that such statements are enough to show the political and moral standing of Kubik and the extent to which he is obscene. In a conversation with the news agency Reuters, Kubik has admitted that he made this comment for Erdogan. According to Kubik, he made this remark to raise the issue of immigrants coming to Germany from Turkey via the Balkans when he was addressing an election crowd.US Turkey Tension: Sukhoi Su-35 will buy from Russia if America does not provide F-16 fighter plane, Turkey threatens Biden
what did Kubik say
Kubik said, ‘The sewer rat is small and cute, but it is also the same cunning creature that is often part of children’s stories.’ Kubik was actually saying his point by giving the example of a superhit Hollywood film “Ratattui”. Kubi is a member of the Free Democratic Party (FDP). It is included as a coalition in the party’s central government in Germany.

Kubic said that when Erdogan agreed in 2015 to curb the number of refugees entering the European Union, it was a good deal for him. But now it has to be noted that refugees are coming to Europe from Turkey via the Balkans and this number is increasing continuously. Kubik has called it a major challenge to Germany’s foreign and domestic policy.
Why Turkey, who does Kashmir-Kashmir, is known as Cyprus, understand what is Erdogan’s ‘weak vein’ controversy
offense of insulting the president
Turkey is a candidate for membership of the European Union, but these talks have been stalled for a long time. There is a lack of mutual understanding between the two on many issues, including continuing human rights abuses by Turkey, record immigration and surrounding politics. In Turkey, insulting the President is a criminal act. Here for the last two decades, power has been with Erdogan and his AK party.

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