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  • Increase in gold and silver prices
  • Gold being sold for Rs 49968

Gold Price Today 17 Feb, Silver rates: Gold and silver rates have been released in the Indian bullion market on Thursday morning. Gold and silver have become expensive again today. Ten grams of gold of 999 purity is available for Rs 49968. At the same time, one kg silver of 999 purity is being sold for Rs 63400.

According to, 10 grams of gold of 995 purity is available for Rs 49768. Apart from this, gold of 916 purity is being sold for Rs 45771. At the same time, the price of gold of 750 purity has increased to Rs 37476. Apart from this, if we talk about 585 purity gold, today it is available for Rs 29231. One kg silver of 999 purity is available for Rs 63400.

How much has the price of gold and silver changed since the last day?
Gold and silver rates are issued twice daily. For the first time the rates are released daily in the morning, then the second time in the evening. However, gold and silver rates are not issued on holidays. Gold of 999 purity has become costlier by Rs 511 today, while the price of gold of 995 purity has increased by Rs 509. Apart from this, the price of 916 purity gold has increased by Rs 468. At the same time, if we talk about gold of 750 purity, then today a slight jump has been seen in it. Its price has increased by Rs 383 today. At the same time, gold of 585 purity has become expensive by Rs 299. With this, gold of 999 purity has become costlier by Rs 166.

Gold and Silver Rate: Latest Gold and Silver Rate

Accuracy Thursday morning price Thursday evening price
Gold (per 10 grams) 999 49968
Gold (per 10 grams) 995 49768
Gold (per 10 grams) 916 45771
Gold (per 10 grams) 750 37476
Gold (per 10 grams) 585 29231
Silver (per 1 kg) 999 63400

Check the latest rate of gold and silver like this
Let us tell you that apart from the holidays declared by the central government on behalf of ibja, rates are not issued on Saturdays and Sundays. You can give a missed call to 8955664433 to know the retail rate of 22 carat and 18 carat gold jewellery. Rates will be received in a short time through SMS. Apart from this, you can visit or for information about frequent updates.

Gold-Silver Rates

The prices released by the Indian Bullion Jewelers Association give information about the standard price of gold of different purity. All these prices are before tax and making charges. The rates issued by IBJA are universal across the country but GST is not included in its prices. Let us tell you that while buying jewelry, the rates of gold or silver are higher due to including tax.

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