Gold-Silver Price Today: Gold becomes expensive again, silver prices also increase, check latest rates – gold silver rates today 7 October 22 carat gold rate check ibjarates com purity wise sone chandi ka bhav lbsb

Gold-Silver Rates 7 October: In the Indian bullion market today (Friday), on the morning of 7 October, there was an increase in the price of gold and silver. On the last trading day of the week, both gold and silver prices have jumped. If we look at the latest rates, ten grams of gold of 999 purity has increased to Rs 51908, while the price of one kg of silver of 999 purity has increased to Rs 61154.

According to the official website, on Friday morning, 10 grams of gold of 995 purity is Rs 51700, while gold of 916 purity has increased to Rs 47548. Apart from this, the price of gold of 750 purity has increased to Rs 38931. At the same time, gold of 585 purity has become expensive today for Rs 30366. Apart from this, one kg silver of 999 purity has gone up to Rs 61154 today.

What happened in the price of gold and silver?

The price of gold and silver changes daily. At the same time, issues gold and silver rates in the morning and evening. According to the rates released by in the morning, the prices of gold and silver have increased today. Gold of 999 purity has become costlier by Rs 70, gold of 995 purity has increased by Rs 70 today. Gold of 916 purity has become costlier by Rs 64, gold of 750 purity by Rs 52 and gold of 585 purity by Rs 41. On the other hand, if we talk about the price of one kg of silver, it has become expensive by Rs 484 today.

Know the price of gold and silver

Accuracy Friday morning prices Friday evening prices
Gold (per 10 grams) 999 61154
Gold (per 10 grams) 995 51700
Gold (per 10 grams) 916 47548
Gold (per 10 grams) 750 38931
Gold (per 10 grams) 585 30366
Silver (per 1 kg) 999 61154

What is the difference between 24, 22, 21, 18 and 14 carats?

24 karat gold is called purest gold. There is no adulteration of any other metal in it. It is called gold of 99.9 percent purity. In 22 carat gold, 91.67 percent is pure gold. The other 8.33 percent consists of other metals. At the same time, 87.5 percent pure gold is in 21 carat gold. 18 carat contains 75 percent pure gold and 14 carat gold contains 58.5 percent pure gold.

Know the price of gold and silver by missed call

Rates are not issued by ibja on Saturdays and Sundays except holidays declared by the central government. You can give a missed call on 8955664433 to know the retail rate of 22 carat and 18 carat gold jewellery. Rates will be received through SMS in a while. Apart from this, you can visit for information about continuous updates.

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