Gold vs Silver: Buy Gold or Silver this Dhanteras? What will be the profit deal – Gold vs silver What should you buy this Diwali Dhanteras 2022 tuta

In our country, it is considered auspicious to buy gold and silver on the occasion of Diwali and Dhanteras. This time too people are busy preparing for shopping. But the question arises whether to buy gold or silver? Today we will tell you what should you buy this Diwali?

By the way, there is a difference between the earth and the sky in the prices of gold and silver. But on Dhanteras, most people buy gold and silver coins. In the current situation, inflation is increasing continuously in the country and the world. There is pressure on the economy and the stock market is continuously trading in a range.

Gold and silver support in crisis

In such a situation, a middle-class family should decide after keeping their deposits in mind, whether they should buy gold or silver this Diwali. By the way, whenever the political or economic crisis deepens, gold and silver emerge as the best and safest option for investment. If we look at the performance of both in the last one year, then there has been a reverse move of silver. Whereas gold has registered a slight rise.

Compared to the last Dhanteras, gold has seen a rise of 6 percent on this Dhanteras. While silver prices fell by about 17 percent during this period. Not only this, silver has been the worst performer in the metal segment. In this year alone, a decline of 13 per cent has been recorded in silver prices. The main reason for this is the strengthening of the dollar and the increase in interest rates due to rising inflation.

Silver forecast for next year

Rahul Kalantri, Vice President, Commodities Segment, Mehta Equities Ltd. says that silver can be included in the portfolio this festive season. Silver is expected to rise against gold next year. According to the Gold-Silver Ratio (GSR), more returns are expected than silver. He said that silver is at the right level against gold for investment.

Let us tell you, silver is an industrial metal and it is also used in green technology, from this perspective, silver is a better option for investment. Many countries of the world are moving towards green economy. Not only this, investment in decarbonization and electrification projects will continue to increase in the next few years. In all these, silver is going to be used in the sector.

At the same time, due to the increasing use of 5G, the metal sector is also going to get support, in which silver is also a big player. Accordingly, in the year 2023, the physical demand is expected to increase by 5 percent.

pressure on gold due to inflation

Apart from this, overseas silver prices may move higher in the recent days, but may face resistance at $ 22.40 an ounce and above $ 27.00 an ounce. Whereas further pressure may increase if it goes below $16.00. Silver prices in India are likely to remain above Rs 51,600, and there is a resistance at Rs 75,000. The rise in bond yields in the US could impact gold prices. Therefore, more returns are expected from silver than gold.

(Note: Before investing anywhere, take the help of a financial advisor)

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