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There is a scene in the web series Good Bad Girl in which the heroine of the show Maya Ahuja is asked what is the difference between truth and falsehood. She says in response – there is no difference, just twisting should come. This scene is the essence of this series.

Good Bad Girl is the story of Bulbul aka Maya Ahuja. Maya is a lawyer working in Delhi who lacks both love and money. One day she feels a lump in her breast. On the other hand his job is in danger. After this, Maya makes up the story of her breast cancer. With the help of this, his days are going well, but the time ahead is going to be very difficult.

What is the story of the series?

Maya is a very mysterious person. Looking at him, you feel that you understand him, but then another leaf opens about him and another layer is added to his character. Slowly you come to know that the way you are thinking of Maya Ahuja, she is not far and wide.

The story of Good Bad Girl revolves around what is the truth, what is the lie. Three aspects of Bulbul aka Maya’s life have been shown in it. Here you will meet the childhood incarnation of Maya, who is everyone’s beloved cute little girl. As a child, the family members affectionately called him Bulbul. Little Bulbul is trying to learn what is truth and what is false. Why is it sometimes wrong to tell the truth and right to lie? In the meantime, while growing up, she also learns to twist things.

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Then comes Maya’s college life, which is full of fun as well as many dark secrets. Today, Maya, who has become a lawyer, can go to any extent to get what she wants. This is what makes him a dangerous person. And gives a different twist to this series.


Actress Samriddhi Devan played the character of Maya Ahuja in Good Bad Girl. Earlier you have seen him in The Office India, Imperfect and Stories by Rabindranath Tagore. Samridhi has done a great job in this series. His journey from simple Bulbul to Maya and his attitude of ‘I want this to want’ is worth watching.

In the series, he is accompanied by Gullak’s Annu Bhaiya i.e. Vaibhav Raj Gupta. Vaibhav is in the role of Sahil here. Sahil and Maya are each other’s arch enemies. There is a cat and mouse fight between the two. But things slowly take a very serious and dark turn. Vaibhav Raj Gupta is the life of this series. Another actor who is in this series is Gul Panag. Gul is here in the role of Maya’s boss. His work is great too.

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Director Abhishek Sengupta, who has made film story and web series Lakh Mein Ek, has made Good Bad Girl. How hard Abhishek has worked on this story is clearly visible. But still there are many moments in it, which are quite worn out. The beginning of this series is quite fresh, but all the twists coming in it are not fresh. Different things from her past have been added to show the heroine’s crooked skull and to add layers to her life. There are some different in this and some you have seen fifty times in other films and series.

If you are going to watch this series, then use headphones. The language used in many scenes can be embarrassing to hear in front of others. There is nothing in the sequence of the series, which you would not have seen before.

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