Google Assistant Driving Mode Dashboard will be closed next month, know details

american technology company Google Has announced the closure of the Assistant Driving Mode Dashboard. However, this mode will be present in Google Maps under another name and Android users will be able to use it. Let us tell you that the company had earlier announced the complete closure of the game-streaming platform Stadia. Also Read – Google will start receiving panel shipments for foldable phones from January! Analyst revealed

Google Dashboard will be closed on this day

According to a report by 9To5Google, on November 21 Assistant Driving Mode Dashboard will be closed. At the same time, according to the report of news agency IANS, users will get control from audio, video to calling on the home screen of the app. Also, the assistant bar will also be available at the bottom. Also Read – Smartphone Launched in This Week in India: From Google to Samsung, the great smartphones of these companies were launched in India this week

These features and icons will be available

The report further states that apart from the Assistant bar, users will also get support for voice shortcuts in the app along with icons for apps like YouTube Music and Google Podcast, which can be used for calling and messaging. The company says that it will upgrade its assistant system soon and the car can be controlled easily in the coming time. For example, drivers will be able to adjust their temperature by giving commands to Google even before getting into the car. Also Read – Google will launch its first foldable phone next year! Will get these features

Service launched in 2019

To remind you that Google launched the Assistant Driving Mode Dashboard in the year 2019 during the developer conference. Its beauty is that users can control the car by simply giving commands. For this, users first have to connect their phone to the car’s Bluetooth. However, now this service is going to stop.

Before Google Dashboard, the company had announced the closure of gaming service Stadia. The company believes that Stadia has not grown as much as was expected. At the same time, this gaming service could not give a tough challenge to Xbox and Sony’s Play Station. Then the company had to take this decision. At present, this service is active for users till January 18, 2023.

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