Google is going to stop Assistant Driving Mode soon


Tech News Desk-Google is going to discontinue the assisted driving mode dashboard announced at its developer conference I/O in the year 2019. According to a report by 9To5Google, Google will be shutting down the entire Assistant Driving Mode dashboard on November 21. The report states that Google Maps will be a car-optimized experience i.e. Driving Mode for Android. According to a report by 9To5Google, after November 21, Google Assistant will shut down the driving mode dashboard. However, users will continue to get control over audio, video and calling on the home screen of the app. The assistant bar will also be present at the bottom.

How to Use Google Assistant's Driving Mode - Guiding Tech

According to media reports, users will continue to get access to voice shortcuts like YouTube Music and Google Podcasts in addition to the Assistant bar in the app. With its help, calling and messaging can be done. According to the company, she is going to upgrade the assistant system soon and with the help of this, the car will be easily controlled in the coming time. With this help, drivers can adjust the temperature of the car according to their own by giving commands to Google Assistant even before getting into the car. Let us tell you that Google launched the Assistant Driving Mode Dashboard during the developer conference in the year 2019. Its specialty is that users can control their car by giving commands to it. For this, users will have to connect their phone to the car’s Bluetooth.

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