Hasin Jahan made serious allegations against her husband Mohammed Shami, said – he is also with my daughter…..

shami and his wife

Cricketer Mohammed Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan is often in the news. A few days ago, cricketer Mohammed Shami was accused by a man of committing serious wrongdoing. Hasin has accused her husband Mohammed Shami of not taking care of their daughter. Even in all these years, he never gave a good gift to his daughter. Still, he doesn’t send gifts to his daughter.


In an interview he said: “I tried to talk a lot with Shami, my daughter is growing up, her activity is increasing. It is clear that the father is an important part of the life of the people she encounters. person. He is often present physically or figuratively. So many years passed, Shami didn’t send a single gift to his daughter. So he started asking questions about it. On my daughter’s last birthday he asked me Asked a lot of questions. I asked him to talk to Shami and send him gifts. Shami sent clothes worth Rs 100, as they are sold on the street. Those clothes were very small. I was surprised to see that the one who earned crores of rupees Sent so many dirty clothes for your daughter.

Hasin Jahan shared a video in which she is dancing and appealed to PM Modi for help. She met PM Modi while dancing and we think the name of the country should not be Bharat but Bharat or Hindustan. A few days ago he made serious allegations against cricketer Mohammed Shami. He said that Shami did not even take care of his daughter and had sent cheap pavement clothes till the birthday.


Hasin Jahan is currently focusing on her acting career and soon her Bengali film is going to be released. He has shared a video of himself dancing and fans are commenting a lot on it. While dancing, she tells PM Modi that the name of the country should not be India, but something that reflects the diversity of the people and culture of the country. The name of the country should be Bharat or Hindustan. He also wrote the message: “Our country, our honor, I love India. The name of our country should be Hindustan or Bharat.

Significantly, Mohammed Shami and Hasin Jahan got married in 2014. The allegations against the cricketer were made only after marriage. However, after a few years of marriage, both of them started making serious allegations of rape against each other. In 2018, Mohammed Shami was charged with assault, rape, attempt to murder and domestic violence by his wife Hasin Jahan. Hasin Jahan had filed a case against Shami and his brother. Let us tell you that on July 17, 2015, Shami also became the father of a daughter. There has been a dispute between both the parties for a long time, but the divorce has not happened yet.

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