Head injury, stitches, this actress stayed away from TV for three years, now a career relying on Krishna Abhishek! – Subuhii Joshii returns tv after 3 years accident head injury stitches Krushna Abhishek Bigg Buzz voot Bigg Boss salman khan tmovk

Everyone is waiting for Sunday to come. Krishna Abhishek is coming with his show ‘Big Buzz’. This is going to be a part of the controversial show ‘Bigg Boss 16’. Krisma Abhishek of the contestants who got evicted from the show is going to be seen taking a class in her own style. Apart from the channel’s streaming platform, this show will also come on TV. The interesting thing about the show is Krishna Abhishek’s name being associated with it. Earlier, Krushna Abhishek was seen in Kapil Sharma’s most popular comedy show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. In this show, Krishna has played many important characters from Sapna. The audience has been tickled by them.

going back to subohi
Now news is coming that Subuhi Joshi is also going to be seen with Krishna Abhishek. In the year 2019, Subuhi Joshi was seen in the serial ‘Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai’. It has been three years since Subuhi Joshi has been missing from the world of TV. After all, for what reason Subuhi Joshi made a distance of three years from TV, the actress has told in a recent interview.

Subuhi Joshi said that I was not well. My health was going very bad. When the serial ended, my health started deteriorating a lot. Till a few months back, I used to face some problem or the other. I had fallen, after which I had a problem of slip disc. The cervix began to grow. Everything was happening simultaneously. Apart from this, I also had an accident. I had a lot of injury on my forehead, in which the doctor had stitched. I am fine now and slowly trying to get back on track. In such a situation, when I thought of returning to work, I got ‘Big Buzz’.

Subuhi Joshi will be seen playing the role of Krushna Abhishek’s neighbor. Talking about her new show, Subuhi Joshi said that I will play the role of Baby Khanna. Who is a social media influencer. She is also a fan of Bigg Boss. She is funny and bubbly. Krishna Abhishek’s house is very near to Bigg Boss house. Everyone will be able to catch the drama happening here. Baby Khanna will also often be seen in the show. She will be seen asking you about what is going on in the Bigg Boss house.

Who is Subuhi Joshi?
Subuhi Joshi was touching heights in her career by doing reality shows in the TV industry. Subuhi has appeared in shows like ‘Big Switch’, ‘Splitsvilla’, ‘Bh Se Bhare’ and ‘Comedy Class’. Along with this, Subuhi also came in the discussion about her personal life in the year 2020. Subuhi was engaged to comedian and actor Siddharth Sagar. The first meeting of both was in the year 2014, after which they started dating each other, but in the year 2016, both of them separated. Subuhi had said in an interview that Siddharth gets very angry, that too about small things. He did it till he threw things and raised his hands. However, Subuhi maintains that she tried her best to save her relationship with Siddharth, but she was unsuccessful.

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