Here are the samples of the Pixel 7 Pro’s Super Res Zoom camera [Gallery]

The Pixel 7 Pro’s “next-generation” ultra-wide-angle zoom is pushing the 48MP telephoto camera to DSLR-level heights, and Google shared three sets of samples outside the keywords.

The Manhattan house sample one WTC starts at 0.5x and the second image is at 1x below. It’s up to 30x taller where you can see the fine details of the antenna turret. Starting at 20x, the Pixel 7 Pro uses a new machine learning upgrade tool powered by Tensor G2. Previously, 15x and above used zoom stabilization so that you could “take hand-held photos without a tripod.”

These camera samples, and two other sets of examples, are from Google’s Alexander Schiffhauer, who introduced and detailed the Pixel 7 Pro’s zoom upgrade at the Google-made flagship event:

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These are some of the ultimate frontiers of smartphone photography, as phones have not really been able to replicate the quality of a DSLR camera.

Google’s Pixel camera product manager said the new podcast is looking at “why people are willing to walk around a 15-pound camera and a $10,000 custom camera” when choosing which camera to work with, and that functionality on smartphones. work to bring it. Google search Included Super Res Zoom has been around since 2018 with a combination of hardware, software and machine learning.

We also have the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and also located Mendocino in California. Google’s prime examples focus on the ability to see people from afar.

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