How Joe Biden Is Getting Ready To Counter China

WashingtonIf US President Joe Biden is making a policy to surround Russia these days, then China has also not disappeared from his strategy. Biden has made preparations to give a direct confrontation to China this time. Biden has prepared the first national security strategy in his tenure, in which China has been described as America’s biggest enemy. In the plan he is working on to respond to China’s aggressive attitude, those Chinese companies that are associated with technology will be tightened. By the way, America has already waged a small-scale economic war against China. If experts are to be believed, Biden wants to move forward with a clear attitude on the ambiguity that was left to surround China on the part of former President Donald Trump.

Biden made a clear indication
The US has made several attempts to harass China by imposing tariffs, export controls, blocking investments, and limiting visas, but to no avail. Perhaps America wants that it should prepare such a policy, after which China will be automatically forced to change its stand. Many types of rules and public statements were issued by former President Trump which were related to China. All these measures had caused a lot of confusion to America’s allies, enemies and even many companies.

Recently, there was an incident which had indicated that what Biden is going to do on China. Regulatory filings from a very small government agency reinforced Biden’s intentions against China. The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) announced new limits for advanced semiconductors, chip-making equipment and supercomputer components exported to China.

Chinese company control
The controls imposed by this company on China have been termed as the most drastic step ever. Along with this, it has also become clear how preparations have been made to end China’s capabilities on a large scale. Under national security measures, although the damage to China will be economic, it will be able to address America’s military and intelligence concerns. The US government, in consultation with companies and partner countries, has imposed new controls on China. This proves that trying to undermine China is more than just concerns about economic or diplomatic repercussions.

try to control more
Very briefly, US-imposed controls have triumphed in the ongoing debate on strategy within the Biden administration. Technical experts and many others have always been advocating for directions under which China can be surrounded. He has always wanted that China should be forced to pay a heavy price not only in advanced computing but also in other sectors such as biotech, manufacturing and finance.

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