How Russia Ukraine War Benefited India In Terms Of Its Status As World Leader

WashingtonThese days the foreign policy of the Government of India remains a topic of discussion. Whether it is the issue of buying oil from Russia or not condemning Russia in the war of Ukraine or not supporting them in the sanctions of Western countries, foreign policy experts believe that the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has proved it in many ways. Given that the country is capable of adopting an independent foreign policy. According to defense experts, after the war in Ukraine, where superpowers like America, Russia and China are trying to prevent India from getting a strategic advantage over its enemies. But India and PM Modi have proved that this is the moment which will prove to be helpful in proving them powerful.

Security Council advocacy
Defense expert Derek Grossman says that India’s only goal is to emerge as a self-reliant superpower country on which no country can make much difference. Now it has come to such an extent that countries like America and France have even started advocating for India’s permanent membership in the Security Council. There is no doubt that America has become India’s most important strategic partner at the moment. The relations between the two countries have made a lot of progress in recent times.

America could not do anything
India and America have come closer since the year 2018. Both countries have participated in many annual summits and many important agreements have also been signed. Both the countries are partners in Quad and last month PM Modi met US President Joe Biden at the Quad Summit in Japan. This was the second meeting between the two leaders. India has recently become a part of the US policy that is related to the economic situation of the Indo-Pacific. The aim of this policy is to advance mutual cooperation in this area in the form of a formal treaty.

America’s tone changed
When Russia attacked Ukraine in February this year, India adopted a policy that was beneficial to its interests. India is dependent on Russia for its military equipment, so by not condemning Russia, India thought it better to distance itself from it. At first, the strategy of the Modi government seemed that it would depend on the relationship with America. In March, Biden said that India’s position on punishing Russia was somewhat unstable. In April, US Deputy National Security Advisor Dalip Singh visited India. Here he told India in a threatening manner that ignoring US sanctions could have dire consequences. But by mid-April, the tone of the Biden administration had changed.

superpower status
Biden and Modi started 2+2 talks in a conference call. This made it clear that Biden had accepted Modi’s position. In the readout issued by the US, it was said that mutual cooperation between the two countries will continue. There was no indication in this that whether the US has made up its mind to take action against India on Russia’s side. Not only this, even after this, Russia was not condemned by India, nor was it announced to end oil imports.

Big advantage for India
Experts believe that these things are enough to tell how India has moved towards achieving the status of a superpower. He says that India now has the capacity to overturn the global system. The war between Russia and Ukraine has benefited India a lot. Despite America’s opposition, India’s policy on Russia remains intact. There is cooperation with everyone, be it the countries of the Indo-Pacific region or Europe. But if the war continues, then India may have to change its decision.

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