How The New Supercontinent Will Be Formed After 300 Million Years

BeijingAfter a research, scientists from Australia’s Kurtin and China’s Peking University have come to the conclusion that a new giant continent will be in the world after 200 to 300 million years from today. These scientists say that this new continent will be formed due to the shrinking and then closing of the Pacific Ocean. Scientists used a supercomputer. Through this supercomputer, scientists understood the evolution of Earth’s tectonic plates as well as the process of future continent formation. The study was published on September 28 in the journal National Science Review.

How the oceans were formed
Lead author researcher Dr. Chuhan Huang said that in the last two billion years, many continents of the Earth have collided with each other and this has created a huge continent in the last 600 million years. This is known as the Great Continental Order. This means that the continents that are present at present will come together in the next few million years.

Dr. Chuhan said that continents have formed on a large scale and scientists believe so for many years. The team of researchers saw in their study that the Earth had been cold for several billion years since its formation. In such a situation, the depth and strength of tectonic plates have decreased due to living under the oceans.

when dinosaurs disappeared
According to the researchers, the natural process may hinder the formation of the next continent. As a result, the Atlantic or the Indian Ocean will start shrinking. Scientists call them quite new. These oceans were formed when the most recent continent on Earth broke apart and its individual pieces gradually separated from each other. According to researchers, a huge part called Pangea was formed 320 million years ago. This part was fragmented 17 to 180 million years ago and at that time the dinosaur species became extinct.

Pacific is also a relic
Apart from this, the Pacific Ocean is the oldest ocean on Earth. According to scientists, this huge place of water is actually the remnant of the Panthalassa vast ocean. It started forming as a huge continent 700 million years ago. That is, it is older than Pangea. According to the researchers, when the strength and thickness of tectonic plates start decreasing, then the possibility of the formation of a new giant continent also increases significantly. He said that a giant continent is formed when the formation of a former ocean is likely due to the closure of a former giant ocean.

shrinking ocean
He says that the oceans are shrinking by a few centimeters every year. If calculated from the dinosaur era, the 10,000 km (6,213.7 mi) distance of the Pacific Ocean would be reduced in 300 million years. Huang pointed out that the new giant continent has already been called Amasia. Some scientists believe that when America collides with Asia, the Pacific Ocean will end. Australia is currently moving toward Asia at a rate of about 7 centimeters (2.8 in) per year, while Eurasia and the Americas are moving slowly toward the Pacific Ocean.

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