How to Add Special Effect to Instagram Message? Know the full way


Tech News Desk – Instagram offers many great features to the users, due to which users also like it a lot. Instagram provides users with photo-video sharing, messaging, call and reel etc. Users also love Instagram’s Direct Message (DMs) service. There are many features like custom chat theme, custom emoji, vanish mode, reaction etc. Along with this, Instagram also gives the facility of animated messages to the users. In this, users can also add special effects while sending messages. If you do not know about this feature of Instagram, then we are going to tell you about it. There are 4 animated message effects available in Instagram app to make message attractive. These include the Gift Box Effect, the Fire Effect, the Celebration Effect, and the Flying Heart Effect.

First of all open Instagram app on your smartphone. Then open the chat of the person you want to message with special effects. After that type your message. Now you have to touch or tap on the search icon. Then you will see many special effects with stickers and GIFs on your device. Here you can tap on what you want to add as per your choice. After this you can send the message to the person you want to send the message by tapping on the send button. Here you are. Now you can also add special effects to Instagram messages. In addition to existing GIFs and stickers, Instagram also gives users the option to add new GIFs or stickers. For this, they can add by tapping on the add option. In this way you can make your message attractive.

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