How to Customize Your iPhone to Look Beautiful and Reveal Key Features of iOS 16

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iOS 16’s Major Features: With the biggest ever update to the lock screen and new sharing, communication and intelligence features, Apple iOS 16 completely changes how customers use their iPhones. With iOS 16, users can easily keep in touch with family and friends, thanks to upgrades to the iCloud shared photo library, Messages and Mail, and powerful improvements to Visual Look Up and Live Text. With significant updates, iOS 16 will change how you use your iPhone. Here are some iOS 16 features you can use to make your iPhone more aesthetically pleasing.

A personalized experience on the lock screen

With iOS 16, the lock screen is more personal, attractive and useful. The subjects of the images are now artfully positioned on the front of the clock on the lock screen, giving the impression of depth, thanks to a new layering effect. Additionally, users can change the appearance of the date and time by selecting an expressive typeface and color scheme.

change in messages

Users can mark discussions as unread so that they can come back to them later, edit or recall recently sent messages and recover recently deleted messages. Additionally, Share is coming to Play Messages, which enables users to enjoy synced content like movies or music, as well as communicate in messages.

Improved live text and visual lookups

With the addition of video, Live Text is now using iOS’s in-device intelligence to recognize text in photos. Any frame of the video can be paused by the user to interact with the text. Additionally, Live Text gives users the option to quickly translate text, convert currencies, and more.

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