How US Himars Rocket System Transformed The Whole Battle

Kyiv: When Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24 this year, many people wondered where Ukraine would stand in front of Russia. After almost eight months, the picture is different and now it looks like the war will go in the favor of the Ukrainian army. According to experts, this war should also be seen as a revolution which also brought a revolution in the field of weapons. While many of Russia’s weapons proved to be lagging, many weapon systems of the Ukrainian military outweighed the enemy. The US HIMARS system, among many weapons, proved to be the player who changed the whole picture of the war.

attacks since June

Ukrainian soldiers have been operating the M14 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System HIMARS from the US since June. It is proving to be a very dangerous weapon and seems to be weighing heavily on Russia. HIMARS is a system that is very light and has such weapons that can destroy the enemy with complete accuracy. The system includes drones with Javelin anti-tank rockets, Stinger anti-aircraft missiles equipped with GPS and many advanced micro-electronics.

18 more HIMARS will be available


Ukraine has 16 HIMARS and with the help of this system, the Ukrainian army has re-occupied its land last month. Now the US has promised 18 more HIMARS to Ukraine. The range of the Hymers, its attack ability and the convenience of being carried anywhere make it more dangerous. According to Robert Schells, who retired from the US Army with the rank of Major General, the Hymers has proved to be the weapon that has broken the back of Russia’s Soviet-era weapons. The credit for the induction of HIMARS into the army in the 1970s goes to General Schells.

how did you benefit

HIMARS, stationed in the unit of 22-year-old Ukrainian Lieutenant Valentin Koval, completely destroyed more than 20 Russian anti-aircraft batteries. If this system is to be believed by Koval, then this system has proved to be very beneficial for him. The US had decided to give HIMARS to Ukraine under an aid package of $ 800 million. President Biden himself announced this. According to Sam Cranny Evans, Research Analyst at the Royal United Service Institute in London, HIMARS can mark any Russian system anywhere. According to him, HIMARS has become the biggest threat to Russia.

This system was heavy

HIMARS is equipped with long-range rockets. This system can fire these rockets up to 300 km. Ukraine has a stockpile of weapons dating back to the Soviet Union. Earlier Ukraine was thought to replace these weapons with 155 mm howitzer guns. But later it was decided to give HIMARS.

Russia’s command posts became targets

Each HIMARS can fire six guided rockets up to a distance of 80 km. It was because of this system that the Ukrainian army weakened the Russian command posts by targeting them. Apart from this, with the same system, weapons and fuel depots of Russia were attacked even to the center of the soldiers. HIMARS can easily carry rockets with more than 90 kg of ammunition. A Ukrainian HIMARS was attacking with six rocket pods.

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