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WashingtonWhen the Soviet Union collapsed in 1990, America got a chance to become the Maharaja. For the past several decades, America has remained the leader of Western countries. But now it seems that his throne is starting to shake. Many countries of the world also enjoyed prosperity under the rule of America. At the same time, some people are not even hesitant to ask the question whether America should really get the credit for the economic progress happening in the world since 1991. Now after the war between Russia and Ukraine, it seems that Uncle Sam’s superpower status is in danger. This war has changed the equations of politics in many ways at the international level.

America everywhere
American diplomacy over the past three decades has believed in moving forward with a ‘rules-based order’. America’s corporate lobby in the fields of weapons, energy, pharmaceuticals and technology has found ways in which it has maintained its dominance over other countries. The war between Russia and Ukraine is not only to test the expansion of US-led NATO into Eastern Europe, but it also reflects a policy that is associated with pressure. In the last two decades, Russia has established itself as a powerful country, overcoming the Soviet era. Russia has consistently appealed that Western countries should acknowledge its presence. but that did not happen. Socially and economically, the citizens of Russia now probably do not even care about this. In Russia-Ukraine war, not Joe Biden, PM Modi is proving to be ‘world leader’, know how
How different is Biden from Trump?
The war in Ukraine has proved that half the world is not with NATO. The US-led world must now understand that their monopoly and rule policy will no longer work. When Joe Biden was elected President of America in the year 2020, everyone wanted to see how different he would prove to be from Donald Trump. Nothing like this happened and if experts are to be believed, he is making more mistakes than Trump.

In Syria, where the Biden administration is engaged in giving new life to ISIS, its attitude on Pakistan has changed. While he gave $ 450 million to Pakistan, he also decided to upgrade the F-16. According to experts, the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia weakened the image of America. He wanted to compensate it by increasing closer with Pakistan. At the same time, he began to feel that if there could not be a better way to ignore the closeness of China and Russia. With the aim of reducing the influence of China on Pakistan, he did what no one had ever imagined.
Russian army losing in Ukraine war, if Putin presses atomic bomb button, then where will the world go?
Saudi Arabia and UAE with Russia
Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which have always been close to America, have also started to distance themselves from it. These two countries which are members of OPEC are now getting closer to Russia. Ignoring Biden’s appeal, OPEC announced a two million barrel cut in oil production. OPEC’s announcement was a big setback for Biden, who wanted America to get relief from inflation and wanted to reduce petrol prices. It is believed that Russia is behind this announcement. Biden does not know what to do before the midterm elections. China already does not give much importance to the influence of America.

India’s own way
Now talking about India, after the Ukraine war, it is coming out in a different form. When Russia attacked Ukraine in February, all eyes were on India. Everyone wanted to know what New Delhi had in store for its old strategic partner. But took firm steps in India and did whatever was necessary in the interest of the country. Bought oil at a discount even after sanctions on Russia.
Together with OPEC, Russia made a big game in oil, American diplomacy failed in Gulf countries
India is dependent on Russia for its military equipment, so instead of condemning Russia, it is better to distance itself from it. In March, Biden said that India’s position on punishing Russia was somewhat unstable. By mid-April, the tone of the Biden administration had changed. The US had agreed that it was not right to point fingers at India’s relations with Russia.

This is America’s fear
America’s concern is that its number one throne could be in danger if dominant powers pursue foreign policies that promote multi-polarity in the international system. At the same time, it has the tag of being the most powerful country, that too will be snatched away. The war in Ukraine has proved that a yes to America is not acceptable to many countries.

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