How was the first sleeper coach of the train made? How did Lincoln’s assassination make it famous? Know the full story – Who was George Pullman who Invented Sleeper Coaches in Trains George Pullman Death Anniversary

Invention of Sleeper Coach: While on a train journey from Buffalo to Westfield in New York, a boy sleeping on a canal realized that it was important to make train travel faster and more comfortable. Rail travel was the fastest way of long distance travel in the 1800s. The boy combined his experiences of sleeping at night in a boat and later built the first comfortable sleeper coach for the train. In this, people could travel while sleeping comfortably and could travel long distances in a convenient way. This boy was the great engineer George Pullman.

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George Pullman was born on March 03, 1831 in Brockton, New York. He was the third child of James Lewis Pullman and Emily Caroline Pullman. George’s father, James, left farming and started working as a carpenter. Emily’s uncle was the owner of the Minton and Buck general store in Brockton. George attended schools in New York for a short time, but in 1845 he left school in the fourth grade to work in the general store. He used to get 40 dollars every month for his work.

father was also the inventor
In 1845 his family moved to Albion, New York so that ‘James Erie’ could work as a carpenter on the canal. George did not join them and continued working in the general store. George’s father was also an inventor, and George learned to work with him. James invented a technique for moving buildings out of the way of canal construction and patented it in 1841. George took over his father’s business upon his death and continued to invent. The Pullman SLeeping Card is one of the most famous inventions of George Pullman.

President Lincoln’s funeral procession gained popularity
After his bad experience in a train journey, he got the idea of ​​making a sleeper car. Pullman developed his first railroad sleeping car, the Pullman Sleeper or ‘Palace Car’ in 1864. Following the assassination of President Lincoln, Pullman arranged for his body to be transported in a sleeper car from Washington, D.C. to Springfield, during which thousands stood on the way to pay tribute. After this his sleeper car attracted national attention.

During the economic recession of 1894, George reduced the wages of his employees and increased their working hours, which led to the famous Pullman Strike, which brought George’s company to the floor. George Pullman died on this day on 19 October 1897.

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