Husband And Wife Can Meet And Make Physical Relation In Punjab Jails

Prison Conjugal Visit In Punjab: Prisoners lodged in jails in Punjab are now going to get such a facility which is being discussed everywhere. Hardly anyone would have ever imagined this. Now husband and wife will be able to spend time in solitude in the jails of Punjab. A room has been specially made for them. During the meeting in this room, he can also make physical relations. We know you must be surprised to know this, but it is the truth.

‘It was a big relief for me’

According to a BBC report, Gurjit Singh (a prisoner in Goindwal Jail) is the first prisoner to avail this facility. He told that the prisoner in the jail feels lonely and remains in depression, but in the past, when my wife came to meet me, we spent a few hours of solitude in a room. “It was a great relief for me,” he said.

Gurjit Singh is serving a sentence in the murder case. He is thanking the Punjab government for this new facility. Let us also tell you here that Punjab has now become the first state to provide facility to meet husband and wife in solitude inside the jail. There is a lot of discussion everywhere about the facilities available in this jail of Punjab. The special thing is that husband and wife can also have a physical relationship during this meeting.

what has happened so far

Earlier in Punjab, prisoners were not allowed to have physical contact with any visitor. Anyone who came to meet could stand at a certain distance and talk. During this, there was also a glass wall between them. Gurjit Singh said that now the government is allowing married couples to have private meetings in jail, which we should take advantage of.

Regarding this new facility, Punjab’s Special Director General Harpreet Sidhu told the BBC, “There is no point in punishing the spouses who are not in jail. All we want is that the return of these prisoners to the society should be ensured. This is the reason why it has been decided to allow us to meet in solitude in the jails of Punjab.” He said that this is the first pilot project of its kind in the country and at present this facility is available in 17 out of 25 jails of the state.

Harpreet Sidhu said that such facility is in jails of many countries and we also realized that there are many such orders of the courts which support such a move. “The union of couples or the sexual relationship between them is a necessity,” he said. The concerned officials informed about the applications availing this facility. You will be surprised to know that in the first week alone, 385 applications were received from prisoners for permission to meet their spouse.

There is such a system in many countries

The Punjab government in its noting has cited the dictionary to explain the meaning of conjugal and said that married couples can have sex during their visit in jail. According to the Punjab government, such meetings are allowed in many countries. These include many countries including America, Philippines, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Australia, Brazil, France.

Will gangsters get the benefit of the facility?

Now a question must also be coming in your mind whether gangsters will get the benefit of this facility? So let us tell you that gangsters and more dangerous prisoners are not allowed to meet their husbands or husbands in such meetings. According to the stated rules, high risk prisoners, gangsters and terrorists will not get this facility. Along with this, those who sexually abuse children, sex offenders and those accused of domestic violence will also not get this facility. Also, such prisoners who have TB, HIV, sexually transmitted diseases will also not get this permission. In such cases, clearance will have to be taken from the jail doctor.

Such prisoners will also not get the benefit of the facility

  • Those who have committed any crime in jail during the last three months will also not get this facility.
  • Those who have not done their duty for three months will also not get the benefit of this facility.
  • Those who do not behave well and break the discipline of jail will also not get this facility.

Which criminals will get priority

  • Criminals who have been in jail for a long time
  • A child’s mother or father will get priority
  • Prisoners entitled to parole will be placed at the bottom of the primary list

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