‘I am alive because of daughter, otherwise I would have done something’, why did Sushmita Sen’s sister-in-law Charu Asopa? – Charu Asopa says she’s living only for Ziana talks about trolling Rajeev Sen divorce tmopp

TV actress and Sushmita Sen’s sister-in-law Charu Asopa remains in the discussion about her divorces. Charu is getting divorced from her husband Rajeev Sen. When he disclosed this, many social media users trolled him. Now Charu Asopa has talked about this in her latest video. He said that all this is not easy for him. Charu also said that his daughter Gianna is the only ray of hope in his life. He is alive because of his daughter. Otherwise she would have done something herself by now.

Trolling had a bad effect on Charu

Charu Asopa talks about her decision to separate from husband Rajeev Sen. He told that he had got a very negative reaction on this matter. Because of this, his health was also affected. Charu says that she and Rajiv are separating, not Rajiv and Gianna. She also said that why she does not want to change her decision.

She said, ‘If I am taking any decision, it is for some reason. A lot of things happened… after that decided to do this. There was a fairytale wedding… I was very happy. But things didn’t work out and we thought it right to part ways.

no one supported

Along with this, Charu told that recently when Gianna was ill, there was no one to support her. She did not pay attention to herself to take care of her daughter and later herself became ill. She said, ‘There was no one to ask in such a high fever.’ For this reason, she is living at her brother’s house these days. He further said that for the first time in his life, he has felt the need of someone else’s support.

Charu Asopa told how the negativity found online affects her. She said, ‘I read comments. I watch vlog. And my heart breaks. He further said that people are judging him without understanding his situation.

Problems started shortly after marriage

There is a problem between Charu Asopa and her husband Rajiv Sen for a long time. The two got married in 2019 after dating each other for a year. But after a month of marriage, problems started between the two. Rajeev Sen left Charu after a few months of marriage. However, later both of them talked and they came together again.

The relationship between the two was going well. After this, in 2021, Charu announced her pregnancy and in November 2021, her daughter Gianna was born. Seeing the family together, it seemed that everything is fine now. But alas it was not so. Charu had talked about separating from Rajiv Sen some time back. At the same time, Rajiv had accused Charu of hiding his first marriage from him and his family in an interview.

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