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Old Coin: People in the world are fond of collecting strange things. One such hobby is collecting old and antique coins. This hobby of collecting old coins proves to be very beneficial for some people. People are ready to pay lakhs of rupees for these old coins. People buy and sell similar old coins on the e-commerce website Quikr. Let us tell you about some such coins, which can make you a millionaire overnight.

Old Coin: If you have this special note of 5 rupees (5 Rupees Note) then you can earn thousands from this one note. With this you can get around 35 thousand to 2 lakh rupees. If you have a collection of such notes (Extremely Rare 5 Rupee Notes) then you can become a millionaire. Let us tell you what is this method.

Why is this note special?

Old Coin: Today here we are telling you about one such note of five rupees, by selling which you can easily earn thousands of rupees. The specialty of this note is that the number 786 (5 Rupee Note 786) should be written on it. Also, tractor (5 Rupee Note With Tractor Value) should also be made on this note. If you also have such a note, then you can get 2 lakh rupees in return for it.

Sell ​​according to terms and conditions

Old Coin: This note issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is ‘Extremely Rare Notes India’. In such a situation, if you also have this note, then you are lucky. You can earn thousands in exchange for this one note. At this time there are many such websites where tremendous buying and selling of old notes and coins is being done. If your old notes and coins are according to the prescribed conditions, then you can get very good money for it.

where to sell Old Coin’s coins and notes

  • To sell this note, first go to www.ebay.com.
  • On the home page, you have to register.
  • Then you have to register here as a seller.
  • Take a clear picture of your memo and upload it on the website.
  • eBay will then show your ad to people who are interested in buying old banknotes and coins using this platform.
  • People who want to buy the note listed by you will contact you.
  • After getting contact, you can talk further about the note and sell it at the right and possible price. Let us tell you that it is difficult to find this particular currency note. So if you have got 5 rupees tractor notes, then you can get up to 2 lakh rupees instead. For this, many companies like ShopClues and Marudhar Arts can sell their old currency at a good price sitting at home. Apart from this, on coinbazzar.com, money is available manifold in exchange for old notes. Actually these platforms give good price for the old currency.

A bundle of coins is being sold for Rs 11.10 lakh. There are total 10 coins in this bundle. In which 4 coins are of 1961 and three coins are from 1962 and 1963.

According to another post on Quikr itself, two coins of Rs 2 are being sold for three and a half lakh rupees. One of these coins is from 1993, on which Small Family Happy Family is made and a coin has been issued on Indian Railways in 2003. A Rs 5 coin issued for the country’s first President Dr Rajendra Prasad is being sold on Quikr for Rs 2.70 lakh.

In this sale of old coins, you can get up to Rs 2 lakh for a coin of 10 paise. According to a post on Quikr, a 1974 coin of 10 paise is being sold for Rs 2 lakh.

An old coin of 25 paise can make you a millionaire. On Quikr itself, a user is selling an old 25 paise coin for Rs 1.50 lakh. This coin was issued in 1990 and is in perfect condition.

Many times people also become victims of fraud in this buying and selling of old coins. For this, the country’s central bank RBI issued a warning asking people to be alert from this fraud. RBI had said that RBI does not interfere in any matter of this purchase and sale of old coins. If someone gives you such an offer in the name of RBI, then be alert.
Know where to sell

This 50 paise steel coin is being sold on the famous site olx for 1 lakh rupees. In such a situation, if you also have such a 50 paise coin, then by selling it, you too can become a millionaire quickly.

10, 20 notes also have online auction

For auction of old coins or notes, you can check on OLX. Such old notes are being sold here. Here you have to create your login ID. Here you have to share the photo of the note kept with you for the auction. Many people buy antique goods. Some people keep looking for old notes. They give a huge amount of money.

How to sell 5 rupee note?

There are many such websites in the country, which buy old notes and give good amount in return. Ebay, CoinBazzar, Collector’s Bazaar are the sites where you can sell 1, 5 and 10 rupee notes. Not only this, you can also buy rare coins from these sites.

What is in ₹ 5 note?

To earn 30 thousand rupees, a tractor should be made in the 5 rupee note kept with you. Along with this, the number 786 should also be written in it. This note is considered rare in the antique category. This note has been recognized as Extremely Rare Notes in the Reserve Bank of India.

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