If you do not wear the hijab in Iran, you will die; The father fulfilled the promise by dancing in the funeral of the daughter, know the truth. If you do not wear a hijab in Iran, you will die; Father fulfilled his promise by dancing in daughter’s funeral, know the truth

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  • If You Do Not Wear A Hijab In Iran, You Will Die; Father Fulfilled His Promise By Dancing In Daughter’s Funeral, Know The Truth

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What’s going viral The movement, which started in Iran against the hijab on 16 September, has become fierce. So far many women have been killed in this movement. A video is now going viral on social media by linking it.

Claim – Iranian police shot dead for not wearing hijab
It can be seen in the video that an elderly man is dancing in front of the funeral. It is being claimed that this video is from Iran. Where a father had promised his daughter to dance in her marriage, but now after the death of the daughter, he is dancing in her funeral. The reason for the daughter’s death is that she was not wearing a hijab, simply because the Iranian police shot her.

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And what is the truth?

  • To know the truth of the viral video, we did a reverse search of its keyframes on Google. In the search result, we found this video with information in a short video on a YouTube channel named Kenim Tarkiyam.
  • According to the channel, this video clip is a scene from the Turkish serial Ata Okak. Where a person named Sivasi Suleman is seen dancing in front of his daughter’s funeral.
  • In the next phase of investigation, we searched the keywords related to it on YouTube. In search result we found full episode of this scene on YouTube channel named Xəzər Film.

  • According to the channel, this clip is of 78 episodes of the serial named Ata Okak. The viral video clip can be seen in this video at 18 minutes 29 seconds. At the same time, this video was also uploaded on the channel on 9 January 2018.
  • It is clear that the claim being made with the viral video on social media is completely false. This video is not a scene of the ongoing hijab protest movement in Iran, but a scene from a Turkish serial in 2018.

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