If your blouse has become loose, then follow these tips, there will be no need for fitting

Blouse Tips: Sarees are also liked by women of all ages. Saree is considered to be very elegant dress in India. Saree can be carried on any occasion. Be it party or office or any wedding saree always gives you an attractive and perfect look. Blouse is always paired with a saree. There are also many types of designs of blouses which add to the beauty of sarees, but many times it happens that your blouse becomes loose or does not fit when the size is reduced, then you have to fit it. Feels the need to do it.

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Blouse Tips: Imagine that sometimes you have to be ready and your blouse becomes loose. Only then in this situation you can get the perfect look by carrying a loose blouse. So let us tell you today how to wear loose blouse with saree.

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Blouse Tips: Perfect Fitting with Hook

You can also take the help of hook to make the blouse fitting. You can also get a fitting and stylish look by putting hooks on the back or side of the blouse. This neither spoils the design nor does it look ugly.

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Blouse Tips: Carry Blouse With Coti

If you are going somewhere in a hurry and you find that your blouse is loose but you don’t have time to fit it then there is no need to panic. You can get a different look by teaming up your blouse with a koti. With this, your loose outfit will also not look and you will also look very stylish.

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Blouse Tips: Give New Design With Dori

There are many blouses which become loose, now if you make them fitting then their look can be spoiled. Instead of removing such blouses from the wardrobe, fitting them with a lanyard will make their design completely different and will give the best look.

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