IIT Admission: Seats Increased in Seven IITs, While These Two Institutes Reduced the Number of Seats, Read Details


Recently the result of JEE Advanced has been declared by IIT Kharagpur. The details of IIT seats have been released for the candidates who have applied for this exam. According to this, IIT Patna has increased the total number of seats this time. In this, 10 percent seats have been increased under super numerical. That is, now applicants will be recruited on a total of 547 seats. IIT Patna already has 83 seats in Civil Engineering, 83 in Computer Science, 83 in Mechanical Engineering, 83 in Electrical and Electronics, 67 in Chemical Engineering, and 44 in Motological and Material Engineering.

Seats increased in these IITs also,
while talking about seven IITs, 22 seats have been increased in IIT Kanpur, 20 in Guwahati, 3 in Roorkee, 32 in IIT Ropar, 45 in Hyderabad, 13 in Jammu, 15 in Dharwad. Although 4 seats in Kharagpur, 18 seats in Palakkad have been reduced. That is, applicants will be recruited on 228 seats in the academic session 2021-22 as compared to the academic session 2020-21. Along with this, admission will be given on 23 thousand 997 seats including 598 female pool super numerical seats of NIT and IIEST Shivpur.

503 seats increased in Triple IT,
while applicants will be given admission to 6146 seats of TripleIT and GFTI and GFTI respectively. This includes 305 seats for Female Pool Super Numerical in Triple IT. Keep in mind that in the academic session 2020-21, 5643 seats of Triple IT applicants were admitted. That is, this time 503 seats have been increased. This year, 2437 more seats will be admitted to the applicants through JoSAA counseling as compared to last year. According to the information, through JoSAA counseling, a total of 52 thousand 453 seats of IIT, NIT, Triple IT and GFTI students will be given admission.

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