Impact On India If War Started Between Russia And Ukraine Know 5 Main Impact | Ukraine-Russia Tension: The tension between Ukraine-Russia increased further, America said

Russia-Ukraine Impact on India : The tension between Ukraine and Russia has increased once again. Again the situation of war has become. America claims that one and a half lakh more soldiers have been deployed along the Ukraine border with Russia. In the midst of all this, an important question that is in the minds of the people of India is that if there is a war between these two countries, what will be its effect on India. Let us tell you one by one what will be its effect.

1. far-reaching effects

First, let’s talk about its far-reaching effects. Till now India has not taken any decision as to with whom it is. If there is a war between Ukraine and Russia, then it will have to take its stand. If India supports Russia, then America can be angry. Because America is constantly pressurizing Russia to stop this war. If India goes in favor of Ukraine because of America, then its relations with Russia will deteriorate, which will not be right in view of China.

2. Impact on the stock market

The stock markets around the world have been badly broken for the last few days due to the sound of war. Its effect has also been shown in the Indian stock market. If there is a war, the market can fall to a great extent. Due to this, crores of rupees of investors can be lost.

3. Crude oil prices will rise

If there is a war between Russia and Ukraine, then the price of crude oil is estimated to reach $ 100 to $ 120 per barrel. Apart from this, the supply of natural gas will be affected. In such a situation, the prices of petrol and diesel in India can also touch the sky.

4. Trade with Ukraine will be affected

India’s trade with Ukraine has increased a lot in the last few years. According to the report, in 2020, there was a business of about $ 2.69 billion between the two countries. In this, Ukraine had exported about $ 1.97 billion to India. Ukraine exports things like edible oil, fertilizers, nuclear reactors and boilers to India. All these will be affected in case of war.

5. Pakistan will get a chance

If the relations between India and Russia are affected due to any reason in the war between Ukraine and Russia, then Pakistan can get the benefit of it, which will be harmful for India. Actually China is already with Pakistan. For some time now, Pakistan has been continuously trying to increase bilateral relations with Russia. If Russia goes closer to Pakistan then it will not be good for India. India’s trade with Russia is also in billions.

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