In order to teach her husband a lesson, this heroine had a relationship with another man, the heroine was inverted

In order to teach her husband a lesson, this heroine had a relationship with another man, the heroine was inverted

Poonam Dhillon is a well-known name in the Bollywood industry and needs no further introduction. Throughout his career, he achieved new heights one after the other. However, there were many ups and downs in his personal life. Many men came into her life

But his relationship with him did not last long. Then, finally, her needle stopped at Ashok Thakeria. But even here their marriage could not last more than two years. Ashok made a big mistake. Poonam wanted to teach them a lesson about this and used to have sex with non-male herself.


The name of the actress has been associated with Ramesh Sippy


Ramesh Sippy was the first director to work with the actress in question. Before their relationship got better, the distance between the two increased. It is true that both Sippy and his wife liked each other very much, but Sippy was already married. In this case, he remarried and news came that the actress was having an affair with Yash Chopra. Nothing special happened here too.

Ashok Thakeria’s entry in Poonam Dhillon’s life


Ashok Thakeria entered the life of Poonam Dhillon. The closeness between the two increased so much that both of them decided to get married. During this, Poonam’s family members tried to convince her a lot, but they married each other without trusting anyone. However, the happiness of their marriage did not last long. After two years of marriage, the rift started between the two. The news of Ashok’s extra-marital affair shocked Poonam, who was very upset. This caused some problems. She tried to teach her husband a good lesson.

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