increase smartphone life by using these 5 amazing tricks | These tricks of Smartphone are powerful, if you did not know, then now know about them

If any kind of problem keeps coming in your smartphone and want to get rid of them, then today we have brought some tips for you which can not only increase the life of the smartphone but will also increase its speed.



If you want the smartphone to remain fine for a long time as well as its speed is good, then it is most important that you delete all the heavy games from your smartphone immediately because due to this there is pressure on the processor. And the life of the smartphone is short.



Due to lack of proper information about charging, when can the life of your smartphone be affected. If you charge your smartphone with any charger, then do not make the mistake of doing this because when you charge the smart phone with a charger of more or less power, there is a fear of not only exploding the battery but also slowing the charging speed. That’s why it should not be done even by forgetting.



If you are downloading in a smart phone, then try to use Google Play Store, if you download from an unauthorized website, then the smartphone can be damaged.



If you leave the app running in the background of your smartphone, then do not do it because due to this a lot of internet is spent as well as there is pressure on the processor, due to which its speed starts decreasing. Stop this practice immediately.



If you have unnecessary apps in your smartphone, then delete them because some apps can send virus to your smartphone and then your smartphone starts having problems, even the date remains high, in such a situation, unnecessary apps. Delete immediately.


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