IND vs WI, T20: Team India scores century of victory, equals PAK’s record

Story Highlights

  • Team India completed the century of victory
  • Won 100th T20 match

In the second T20 match against West Indies in Kolkata, the Indian team registered a close victory by 8 runs against West Indies. With this victory, the Indian team has also completed its winning century in the T20 format. The Indian team has become the second team to win 100 international T20 matches. Earlier, Pakistan had become the first team to win 100 international T20 matches. With this victory, the Indian team has also captured the T20 series against West Indies.

155 matches, 100 wins

In this match that lasted till the last over, West Indies gave a tough competition to Team India. It took 155 T20 matches for Team India to reach 100 wins. The Indian team won the most T20 matches against Sri Lanka. Against Sri Lanka, Team India has won 14 out of 22 matches and faced defeat in 7. After this, the Indian team also has a great record against Australia. Team India has won 12 out of 23 matches against Australia, has faced defeat in 9.

Team India’s record in T20

match- 155
Victory- 100 (2 super overs, 1 ball out)
Garland- 51
draw- 4

Pakistan has played 189 T20 matches so far, out of which they have won 118. Team India has won 7 out of 9 matches against Pakistan. The match with whom was under the ball out rule in the 2007 T20 World Cup. Team India has won 2 matches against New Zealand in the Super Over. In such a situation, Team India has also won 3 tie matches with 97 straight matches.

Overall record T20

Pakistan: Won 118 out of 189
Bharat: 100 out of 155 wins
The. Africa: win 86 out of 147

Team India’s worst record is against New Zealand, won 9 straight matches against Kiwi team in 20 matches and lost in 9, teammates have also won two Super Over matches. Team India played its first match against South Africa in the year 2006 and won this match by 6 wickets in the last over and registered its first win in this format. After this match, Team India directly entered the 2007 T20 World Cup and became the winner.

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