India banned 54 Chinese apps, then China flared up – Global Times slams India over 54 Chinese apps ban tlifw

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  • India again banned Chinese apps
  • Chinese media said – India is harming itself
  • Spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce also responded

India banned 54 Chinese apps on Monday. It is being told that some of these apps were also banned old Chinese apps which were renamed and relaunched in India and were sending their data to China without the knowledge of the users. On this app ban of the Indian government, the newspaper Global Times, which is considered to be the mouthpiece of the Chinese government, has said that it is politically motivated and the Indian government has harmed itself by banning the app.

The newspaper has published a report on this news in which it has been said that India is again doing this one carelessness amid the ongoing tension with China.

Questioning the timing of the app ban, Global Times wrote, “It is worth noting that this move has been announced at a time when the External Affairs Minister of India recently visited Australia after attending the Quad Summit.” have returned from. It is no secret that the US-led Quad Network is targeting China in many areas, including the system. By risking the security of Chinese tech and tech firms, America wants to stop China’s development to maintain its hegemony in the world.

The newspaper further writes that this move to ban Chinese apps is completely political and it will have the opposite effect not on Chinese companies but on India itself. By taking such steps, the Indian government is forgetting that its development is not possible without China. The record bilateral trade between the two countries in 2021 is an example of this.

Global Times writes that if India wants to become a country with a strong economy, then cooperate with China. India is putting itself in trouble by supporting America against China.

Spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce also responded

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce of China has also reacted to the banning of the apps by India. According to a report by Reuters news agency, Chinese Commerce Ministry spokesman Gao Feng said in a press conference, “We hope that India will take concrete steps to maintain the strong development momentum of bilateral economic and trade cooperation.”

Fang said that India should treat all foreign investors, including Chinese companies, in a transparent and non-discriminatory manner.

The Indian government has banned more than 270 Chinese apps since the year 2020 in view of security.

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