India Vote Against Russia Over Ukraine Crisis In United Nations General Assembly

India In UNGA: India has once again given a big blow to Russia in the Ukraine crisis case. India rejected Putin’s demand for a secret ballot. A draft resolution was brought in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) against Russia for illegal occupation of four regions of Ukraine. The resolution called for an open vote to condemn Russia, but Putin wanted a secret vote on it. Now India has voted in the UN against this demand of Putin.

107 countries including India voted against Russia

Moscow’s demand for a secret ballot was rejected after 107 UN member states, including India, voted in favor of a recorded vote. Only 13 countries voted in favor of Russia’s call for a secret ballot, while 39 did not participate in the voting. Russia and China were among the countries that did not vote.

Russian representative raised questions on General Assembly President

The General Assembly decided not to reconsider the resolution after 104 countries, including India, voted against such reconsideration, while 16 voted in favor and 34 did not. Russia’s Permanent Representative Vasily Nebenzia said UN membership had “became a witness to an outrageous fraud in which the President of the General Assembly, unfortunately, played a key role.”

Vasily Nebenzia said, “This is an unprecedented manipulation that undermines the authority of the General Assembly and the United Nations as a whole. Of course, under such circumstances we chose not to participate in the vote.”

India did not vote last month

Last month, India abstained from voting on the draft resolution tabled by Albania at the UN Security Council. Russia vetoed a UN Security Council resolution that was introduced by the US and Albania to condemn Moscow’s “illegal referendum”.

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