Indian film sent to Oscars, 15-year-old actor dies of cancer even before release – Rahul Koli died child star of India Oscar entry Chello Show The Last Film Show tmovf

Chello Show Child Actor DiedA bad news has come out from the entertainment world. Rahul Koli, the child star of the Gujarati film ‘Chhelo Show’ (The Last Film Show), passed away. Rahul was only 15 years old. Cancer is said to be the cause of Rahul’s death.

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15-year-old Rahul Koli was the child actor of the Gujarati film ‘Chhelo Show’ (The Last Film Show), which entered the Oscars from India this year. Rahul had made a special identity at a young age by doing a great job in the film ‘Chhelo Show’. Rahul had just started flying his dreams, but before that he said goodbye to the world due to cancer.

According to reports, Rahul’s father is an auto rickshaw driver. Rahul’s family had held a prayer meet in their native village Hapa on Monday. Rahul’s father is deeply saddened by the death of his son. Talking about his son, he said- He was very happy and often told me that after October 14 (the release date of the film), our lives will change. But before the release of the film, Rahul has passed away. Rahul’s family is shocked by the news of his demise.

Chello Show movie included in Oscar race

Talking about the film Chello Show, it is an autobiographical drama film, in which the life of a nine-year-old boy is shown. This boy’s life changes completely when he sees the first picture of his life in the theatre.

The film has become the first film in the country to enter the race for Oscars 2023. This is a Gujarati film. This film by Pan Nalin has been included in the Best Foreign Film category of the Academy Awards.

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