Intel confirms leak of Elder Lake BIOS source code

Elder Lake BIOS Source Code

Chipmaker Intel has confirmed that proprietary source code related to its Elder Lake CPUs has been leaked, after being released last week by an unidentified third-party on 4chan and GitHub.

The code for the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) in published material is Elder Lake, the company’s 12th generation processor that was originally launched in November 2021.

Tom’s Hardware, in a statement shared with Intel, said the leak “does not uncover any new security vulnerabilities because we do not rely on obfuscation of information as a security measure.”

Cyber ​​security

It is encouraging the broader security research community to report any potential issues through the bug bounty program, adding that customers are being contacted to report the matter to them.

In addition to the UEFI code, the leaked data dump includes tons of files and devices, some of which come from firmware vendor Inside Software.

BIOS Source Code

Exact details about the nature of the hack, including its origins, are unclear. The GitHub repository has since been deprecated, although it is accessible through other replication versions.

Cyber ​​security

That said, there are indications that the stockpile was created By an employee of LC Future Center, a Chinese manufacturer of computers and laptops.

Earlier this February, the LAPSUS$ extortion group breached NVIDIA, stealing 1TB of sensitive data. The threatening actor later claimed that the company had launched a retaliatory ransomware strike to prevent the release of the stolen data.

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