Intel launches 22 new desktop chipsets in India, know what’s special


Intel has introduced its 13th generation processor.
The company says that its new processors are much faster than the previous generation.
Intel has also introduced a new series of motherboards with new processors.

New Delhi. Intel has launched its 13th generation processor in India. There are a total of 22 processors in the company’s 13th generation chipset lineup, including the new Core i9-13900K chipset. At present, the company has not announced the price of 113th Gen Intel Core CPU. It is worth noting that Intel has announced this after the launch of AMD’s Rykzen Series in India.

According to the information, the new processors will be available from October 21. Intel’s new processors are part of the desktop CPU company Raptor Lake family. The top product of the lineup is the Intel Core i9-13900K chipset. It is being said to be the fastest processor in the world. It has 24 cores, of which 8 are performance cores and 16 are efficiency cores.

will get better performance
The Intel Core i9-13900K processor has 32 threads, offering peak clock speeds of up to 5.8GHz. The company says that its new processors are more capable. Their single-threaded performance will be 15 percent better than the previous model, while multi-threaded performance will be 41% better, which is important for multitasking.

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New motherboards also launched
Along with the company’s new processor, a new series of motherboards, Intel 700, has also been introduced. The company says that its new processors will work best on these motherboards. The new chip is built to make the most of the DDR5 RAM standard. Although it will also work with DDR4 memory.

PCIe 5.0 Support
Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake desktop processors also include F-series chipsets, which are not paired with an integrated GPU. Apart from this, the new CPUs get full PCIe 5.0 support and are compatible with existing Intel 600 or newer Intel 700 series chipset motherboards. The company says that out of the 22 new chipsets, 6 are unlocked, which will also give advanced users the option to get more performance by overclocking them.

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