iPhone 5c Discontinue, iPhone Will Be Discontinued From November 1st! Iphone 5c discontinued from 1 november 2022 check complete list

New Delhi. Recently iPhone 14 has been launched by the giant tech company Apple. After its launch, Apple is going to discontinue one of its popular iPhones. According to a MacRumours report, Apple has sent a memo to authorized Apple resellers, according to which the iPhone 5c may be completely discontinued from November 1, 2022. Like Apple, in the year 2020, the iPhone 5c was included in the vintage product list in October 2020. This means that the repair program for vintage products is limited. But when the product is included in the obsolete list, it means that the service of iPhone 5c is completely banned by Apple.

Launched in the year 2013
Apple iPhone 5C was launched in the year 2013. It was an affordable iPhone. The iPhone 5c smartphone used to come with a plastic cover and in Blue, Green, Pink, White and Yellow color options. If media reports are to be believed, some other devices like the 4th generation Apple iPad Mini can also be included in the obsolete list.

iPhones are closed in these two categories
The American smartphone maker usually categorizes its smartphones into two categories. This includes one vintage and the other obsolete. When the sale of a product is stopped by Apple, it is declared as vintage. Apple usually declares products that are 5 and 7 years old as vintage. Same when 7 years pass after the sale of Apple product is closed, then that product is declared as obsolete. Hardware for vintage products are available for service. But the hardware of the Obslite Apple product is barely available.

Will not get latest software update

Apple has recently included the iPhone 6 in the vintage product list. The Apple iPhone 6 was a great product that came with a big display. This product was discontinued by Apple a few years back. At the same time, now this product has been made vintage. The Apple iPhone 6 smartphone has a 4.7-inch Retina display. This phone was launched with iOS8 support, which has been updated to iOS12 till now. Although the iOS 13 update has not been given to the iPhone 6.

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