iPhone and Android Alert: These 75 hidden apps will make you sad, see the list and delete it immediately

iPhone and Android Alert: If you’re an iPhone or Android phone user, you need to pay attention! Your valuable smartphone may contain applications that are loaded with malicious adware and engage in fraudulent campaigns. According to a security firm, the Apple Play Store and Google Play Store have identified 75 apps that contain malicious apps, apps that are known to blast users’ phones with visible and hidden ads. Although they are considered the most serious threat, the hackers behind these apps can use them to release malware, malicious app extensions, and even ransomware onto a user’s device. Whether you are using the latest iPhone 14 or Android phone, you do not want this app to attack you. Know the names of the below apps and delete them immediately.

Reporting the incident, Bleeping Computer said, ‘Security researchers found 75 apps on the Google Play Store and ten other apps on the Apple App Store to be involved in ad fraud. Collectively, they are linked to 13 million establishments. In addition to flooding mobile users with ads, both visible and hidden fraudulent apps also generate income in the form of legitimate apps and impressions. Below we come to you we have listed a list of apps which are very dangerous and need to be removed from the phone immediately. See full list here…

iPhone and Android Alert: Apple App Store App List

  • rob the castle
  • run bridge
  • Shining Gun
  • Racing Legend 3D
  • rope runner
  • wooden sculptor
  • fire-wall
  • Ninja Critical Hit
  • Tony Run

Google Play Store App List (1+ Million Downloads):

  • Superhero – Save the world!
  • spot 10 difference
  • Find 5 Differences
  • dinosaur legend
  • one line drawing
  • shoot the master
  • talent trap

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