Jonestown Massacre: 918 people gave their lives at one of his gestures, the most painful incident in American history – Jonestown Massacre 918 people mass suicide after consuming cyanide in juice guyana jim jones torture story explained lclt

Just imagine what would happen if a person started calling himself God. Also say that if you want freedom from sorrows, then you have to commit suicide. You might call him crazy. But, a case came to the fore in America, which shook the whole country and the world.

When the religious leader, who called himself God, asked his devotees to commit suicide, 918 people gave their lives at one of his gestures. It was one of the most traumatic events in American history. America was completely shaken as soon as its news spread all over the world. After this, America never allowed any such religious leader to flourish there.

Wanted to earn name in the whole world
People also knew James Warren Jones as Jim Jones. He was born on 13 May 1931 in Crete, Indiana, and grew up to become a priest. Few people knew him. He always regretted it. He wanted the whole world to know him.

To become famous, he opened a church named The People’s Temple in the city of Crete in 1955. Here he used to give religious knowledge of the world to some people. His words had an impact on the people. Because of this many people started joining him. In the year 1979, many wrong things started coming out through the media about his ashram. It was said that wrong things happen in the church. On this, the US government decided to close the church of Pastor Jim Jones. Soon Jim Jones’ church was locked and he was banished from there.

Jim Jones with family (Photo: Getty Images)

The country of Guyana left the city of Crete
Jim Jones was very angry about this. But, where was it going to run in front of the government? He quietly left the country and went to the country of Guyana. The ghost of his fame had not yet descended. Jim Jones, who specializes in giving speeches, now opened an ashram in Guyana.

At that time the war between America and Vietnam was going on. Guyana was afraid that along with Vietnam, America would consider it an enemy country. That’s why the government there thought that if some Americans stay in our country, then America will not attack us. Therefore, the Government of Guyana gave Jim Jones 3800 acres of land to build the ashram.

No longer an ashram, the whole city has been settled
After getting so much land, Jim Jones settled a whole city named Johnstown there in 1956. Earlier it was named People’s Temple Agricultural Project. The name was later changed and it became Johnstown. About 1000 devotees used to live here. Most of them were people from America and Africa. But, they did not know what was going to happen to them later.

Jim Jones and his wife (Photo: Getty Images)

started torturing people
Jim Jones was a bit cynical. Whatever work he wanted to do, he would impose it on the devotees by telling the order of God. He started getting the devotees to do the work of the ashram for 10 to 11 hours a day. Banned the exit of anyone from the ashram. Whoever left the ashram, they would be caught by the special guards of Jim Jones and beaten a lot. This instilled fear in the hearts of the people. Some people do not even run because they had small children with them in the ashram. Jim Jones had banned even meeting children. They could meet their children only for an hour or two.

People reached America after escaping from the ashram
One day some people managed to escape from there by risking their lives. He told a US lawmaker Leo Ryan about the atrocities of Jim Jones. He told that Jim Jones has now become a freak criminal. Therefore the people trapped there should be saved. After this began the most brutal story of Jim Jones.

Parliamentarian Leo Ryan visited the ashram on November 17, 1978
MP Leo Ryan decided that he himself would go to the ashram and find out why Jim Jones was doing this. On 17 November 1978, when Leo Ryan, an MP, reached the ashram with the team, Jim Jones’s wife welcomed him. He took them around the whole ashram.

Photo Hundred – Getty Images

Surprisingly, everything was looking normal in the ashram that day. Seeing the faces of the people, it seemed as if they are very happy here. After that he returned with the team. But, his heart was not satisfied. He thought why not visit the ashram once again.

So the next day on 18 November 1978, he again came to the ashram. That day too, everything seemed normal to him. When he started going back from there, some people shouted from behind and said, “Please save us. A lot of oppression is happening against us.”

5 people including MP were murdered
The MP has now understood everything. Then Jim Jones’s guards attacked the MP with a knife. Somehow with the help of the team, he escaped from the ashram after saving his life. Jim Jones now knew that if those people reached America, then he was sure to be killed.

So he ordered the guards to kill the MP. The MPs were about to leave for America by helicopter. But, along with the MP, four people from his team were murdered by Jim Jones’s guards. Now Jim was apprehensive that he too was bound to die.

Told people in the ashram – everyone will have to die
He knew that as soon as the news of the death of the MP would reach America. The US army will attack his ashram. Jim immediately picked up the mic and called all the people present in the ashram and started giving speeches. He told the people that in no time the US military would attack the ashram and we would all be killed.

It is better that we all take our own lives than die at the hands of American soldiers. He said that if we are killed by the soldiers, no one will remember us. But, if we give our own, then history will remember us. He ordered that all the people present in the ashram should commit suicide.

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Cyanide mixed with grape juice
At that time a total of 908 followers of Jim Jones were present in the ashram and the rest were his family members. Grape juice was made for everyone in big utensils. Then cyanide (poison) was added to it. Small children who could not drink it were given this poison through injection. It is said that there were 234 children in the ashram at that time. All of them were killed.

Photo – AFP

Then the poisoned juice was given to the elderly. After this, this poisoned juice was given to the women and finally to the men. Those who refused to drink the poison were forcibly given poison by injection. A woman lived with her 4 children near the ashram. He was also informed by phone that he too would have to commit suicide. The woman obeyed the order and committed suicide by consuming poison along with the children.

Photo – Getty Images

Said to the partner – shoot me on the head
When it came to the death of Jim Jones, he told his partner that he did not want to die by consuming poison. So he ordered his companion to shoot him on the head. The companion shot him on the head. In this way, on the day of 18 November 1978, a total of 918 people gave their lives. The desire of a freak to make a name in the world has been recorded as a painful story in the history of America.

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