Kabul School Attack News : Terrorist Attack On School In Kabul Claims Many Deaths From Shia And Hazara Community By ISKP

Kabul : There is news of a terrible terrorist attack on a school in Afghanistan. It is estimated that 24 people have died in this, mostly school students. The attack took place on an educational institution located in Dashte Barchi, western Kabul. It is being claimed that it has been carried out by Islamic State-Khorasan province, in which mostly Hazara and Shia community people were targeted. Earlier in April, explosions occurred at two educational institutions in Kabul, killing six people and injuring several others. Both these schools were also located in Dashte Barchi area of ​​Kabul.

Afghan journalist Bilal Sarwari has given information about this attack in his tweet thread. He claimed that the Kaj Higher Education Center is located just 200 meters from Police Station 13. He said a doctor from Watan Hospital has confirmed several dead bodies inside the hospital. Sarvari said a community leader in the area told me that I have counted 24 bodies so far. Most of them were deceased young students for whom their parents wanted a better future.

Shia and Hazara communities targeted
Sarvari wrote in his tweet, ‘A community leader from Daste Barchi told me that the Taliban has failed to provide security to our people in the last one year. The ambulance arrived not long after the attack. Local people tried to take the injured to the hospital. The Khorasan Diary claimed that the blast took place when the examinations of the students were going on. Sarvari claimed that all the deceased were members of the Shia and Hazara communities.

Blast outside mosque in Kabul, 14 killed on Friday prayers, magnetic bomb used in blast
Hospital full of injured, appeal for blood donation
An Afghan journalist, quoting a member of the educational institution, said the boys and girls were studying in a large classroom. They were separated by a curtain mandated by the Taliban. He said ambulances took the injured to at least four hospitals in the area. Sarvari quoted a doctor from Ali Jinnah Hospital as saying that at present, no more injured can be admitted to the hospital. People are being appealed to donate blood.

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