Kangana Ranaut told the black deeds of Mahesh Bhatt, shared the video and opened the Bollywood poll

Kangana Ranaut is a skilled actress in the film industry. He has a habit of directing films that are popular among the audience. Although Kangana does more acting than acting, but she is known for her impeccable style. Some people find his bold and bold style refreshing,

While some people find it abrasive. When it comes to voicing her opinion, Kangana is adamant, and she is not afraid to criticize celebrities from the entertainment industry alone. There are some names in Kangana’s list which she openly calls her enemies.

The author includes the name of famous producer Mahesh Bhatt. Everyone knows what is Kangana’s opinion about Mahesh Bhatt. The Bhatt family members often talk about Kangana. Some unknown person is seen commenting on his speeches.

Recently he has shared a video of himself on Instagram. In this essay, Aslam describes how Mahesh Bhatt’s films often reflect his own personal experiences.

Kangana shared Mahesh Bhatt’s video: Kangana Ranaut is known for her active social media presence. She shares her pictures on Instagram. Along with this, she was also seen giving her opinion on this platform. Recently, Kangana Ranaut wrote about Mahesh Bhatt in her story.

Mahesh Bhatt should use his real name and should not represent any religion. His religion was converted.


Kangana Ranaut has shared a purported video of Mahesh Bhatt on her Instagram story. In this video Mahesh is sharing his real name and his thoughts on Islam. They believe that it is a great religion that has a lot in common.

Kangana shared another clip of the same video. In this, she is seen walking tightly. With this he writes – I have been told that his real name is Aslam. He married Soni Rajda and changed his religion to marry Na.

Mahesh Bhatt’s real name revealed: He said that his name was very beautiful, and he concluded that there was no need to hide it. They should use their legal name only. The representatives of religion do not care about the changes that have been made,

Even if they are in the minority. Many people are giving their feedback on the story of Kangana Ranaut. Some are happy, some are sad, and some are simply confused. Mahesh Bhatt has done two marriages. He has four children from both wives. Among them, Pooja and Alia Bhatt are associated with the film industry.


Significantly, in the year 2006, Kangana Ranaut made her Bollywood debut with the film Gangster. This film was produced by Mahesh Bhatt. Kangana got a big break because of Mahesh Bhatt. He also received many awards for this film. However, after a few years their relationship turned sour. So far, Kangana has made many allegations against Mahesh Bhatt.

Let us tell you that in the year 2020, Kangana accused Mahesh of a scuffle with her. He said that Mahesh Bhatt had thrown slippers at him. Apart from this, he has said many other things about Mahesh Bhatt. Along with this, she often targets Kangana Ranaut for one thing or the other.

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