‘Kantara’ became the country’s highest grossing film on Sunday, also dominated the box office in Hindi and Telugu – kantara day 17 box office collection tops india charts on sunday blazing in hindi telugu too tmovs

‘Kantara’, released in Kannada on 30 September, is a hot topic at the moment. The way the film, which has spent 17 days in theatres, is doing box office collections, that trend is being seen after a long time. Director-actor Rishabh Shetty’s hard work is bringing color to the screen and the people returning from theaters after watching the film are astonished that they saw this amazing on screen!

After breaking the box office records of Karnataka and Kannada films in two weeks, ‘Kantara’ has also been released in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu in the beginning of the third week. Box office figures are telling that the film is getting the benefit of release in new languages ​​and it is earning as if the game has just started. The film is also to be released in Malayalam on October 20 and then its earnings will increase slightly. For the time being, let us tell you what amazing the film has done with Sunday’s earnings.

17th day earnest
In the last few years, the effect of the release of many films every day has been that now the box office life of the films has become shorter and most of the films make their big earnings in the first week. The collections drop significantly after the second weekend and after two weeks the film is just thrashing at the box office.

This trend was challenged this year by Vivek Agnihotri’s ‘The Kashmir Files’ and earned almost 109 crores in the second week as against around Rs 97 crores in the first week. But what ‘Kantara’ is doing now is very unique in itself. This new film of KGF Makers is gaining momentum in the third week and the real reason for this is its release in Kannada as well as other languages.
‘Kantara’ released in Hindi on 14 October and in Tamil, Telugu on 15 October. October 16 was the 17th day of ‘Kantara’ in theaters and on this day the film has made the biggest box office collection of its box office run.

The preliminary math of Sunday’s box office figures is telling that ‘Kantara’ has collected around Rs 19.50 crore at the Indian box office on the 17th day. Final numbers can be even higher.

Country’s biggest film on Sunday
On the 17th day of its release, ‘Kantara’ was the country’s highest-grossing film and collected more at the Indian box office than Mani Ratnam’s epic ‘Ponniyin Selvan – 1’ from the Tamil industry. ‘Ponniyin Selvan – 1’ did a business of Rs 7.55 crore at the box office on Sunday, while ‘Kantara’ is estimated to earn Rs 19.50 crore.

Ayushmann Khurrana’s ‘Doctor Ji’ released this Friday in Hindi, Salman Khan-Chiranjeevi’s ‘Godfather’ in Telugu, Silambarasan’s VTK and Dhanush’s ‘Tiruchitambalam’ in Tamil, Mammootty’s Rorschach in Malayalam, Karnasubarner Guptodhan in Bengali and Punjabi ‘Babe Bhangra Ponde Ne’ are the big films running in the country at the moment. And on Sunday, the box office collection of all of them remained below Rs 6 crore.

Strong earning in Hindi too
The earnings of the Hindi version of ‘Kantara’ have also increased with great speed. Released on more than 1200 screens, ‘Kantara’ Hindi had a collection of Rs 1.27 crore on the first day. But in comparison, the film’s earnings more than doubled on the second day and Saturday’s collection reached Rs 2.75 crore. Sunday’s reports are saying that ‘Kantara’ Hindi has got a jump once again and its earnings are estimated to be close to 4 crores on the third day.

After two weeks, ‘Kantara’ may be benefiting from the release in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, but its biggest miracle is that the earnings of the original Kannada version are also continuously increasing. On Saturday, the Kannada version of the film earned more than Rs 8 crore and Sunday’s collection is estimated to be more than Rs 9.5 crore. And now ‘Kantara’ is to be released in Malayalam on October 20. In such a situation, ‘Kantara’ has become a surprise film for box office watchers.

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