Karan Johar asked Vidya- Chocolate, green tea, or a round again in the bed? Karan’s mouth was left open after hearing the answer of the actress

vidya balan hui besharm

Vidya Balan is a famous Indian actress. Often Sarah Palin remains in the headlines for her excellent conversations and statements. Vidya Balan is a cool type of lady and she always dominates the social media.

Recently Vidya Balan appeared in Karan Johar’s chat show Kavi With Karan. Karan asks Vidya about her career. Vidya gave some interesting information about Saif, and his answer was impressively clear. Karan Johar also got embarrassed when he answered a question.

Fifth note of musical scale

In Kaafi With Karan, Karan asks Vidya Balan about her personal life. Vidya Balan shares some interesting insights with Karan. He asked a few questions about his bedroom. Karan asks Vidya Balan what kind of lighting he likes in the bedroom.

This lady named Vidya seems like she likes dark light in her bedroom. Karan Johar asked Vidya if she liked candles and music, she replied that both did.


After this the next question was asked by Karan Johar. She preferred silk sheets instead of cotton sheets, to which Vidya replied that she prefers cotton sheets and found silk sheets strange.

After that, Karan said more personally, that he likes chocolate, green tea, or the second round after the act? Vidya Balan immediately replied and said that she likes water after the act as she feels very thirsty after completing the act.


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